By The Modern Milkman on March 25th, 2020

We’re really grateful for your support at what is a challenging time for us all. We’re snowed under, and we’re a little tired, but were battling on.

We want to pay huge credit to our wonderful staff. Hats off to them. They have just ploughed on.

There are a few things that YOU could do to help US:

-PLEASE return your empties as soon as you can. Just leave them back on the doorstep when you’re due your next delivery. We’re worried we will run out, and that’ll be the end of that if we do!

-Because we’ve seen so many new people, totally out of the blue, Customer Service are absolutely bombed out. Please be patient with them, and only get in touch if you really need. The best way to do that is through the contact us page here, there are only so many phonelines and we we’re struggling to get to Facebook messages too.

-The website is experiencing HUGE traffic, which is slowing it down a bit. Please be patient with it. If you can change your order when it’s the dead of night and you get up for a wee, that’s probably the perfect time to do it!

-If you could download our App, and manage your order from there, rather than on the website or via Customer Service, that would REALLY help us at the moment. Just search for The Modern Milkman in your App Store.


-We’ve ordered extra vans, and quite a lot of them, and they’ll go on the road in the next 48 hours.

-We’re recruiting extra staff, to man those vans.

-We’re working every hour we can.

Thanks once again for all your support. Stay safe folks.

The Modern Milkman x

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