How to keep your milk cool on the doorstep in the hot weather

By The Modern Milkman on April 2nd, 2021

How to keep your milk cool on the doorstep in the hot weather

Please leave a cool bucket out for your milk

Anything from a champagne bucket to a builders bucket will do. Just remember to put around 15cm of water in the bottom (you don’t want your milk fully submerged), and please leave clear delivery instructions in your online account and on your doorstep itself.

Feel free to improvise and share your ideas

Last year we asked people to share their ideas for keeping their milk cool on the doorstep. The response was brilliant, and some of the ideas were ingenious. So, we’ve decided to do the same again this year. Please share your milk cooler ideas on our social channels – the more eco-friendly, the better.

Our plastic free coolbox is coming soon

Our resident nutty professor is working away furiously on our innovative plastic free coolbox, which is nearly ready for launch. We’ve been reliably informed she’s tested the cardboard prototype in the rain and even had a shower with it to see how it will hold up to a typical British summer. Watch this space!

Let’s pray for sun and prepare for the hot weather.

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