Introducing Our New Milk Hut

Written by The Modern Milkman

Our all-weather Milk hut is ready for order

The new flatpack milk minder is available for order on our website and will be delivered to your door in a recyclable pizza-style cardboard box, with all the pieces and no extra toppings. There’s not been this much excitement since the launch of the first top-loading video cassette recorder.

Perfect for milk, bread, eggs

Or even last night’s kebab, if you got in late. It’ll keep all of your groceries dry, protected and cool – with a little help from an old ice pack, cool block, or a half-filled and frozen metal water bottle. It’s made from 100% plywood, so it’s as sustainable as our cardboard prototype, but a lot more waterproof and durable.

Looking after your Milk hut

Our Milk hut is durable, but the treated plywood will weather like David Dickinson’s mahogany tan in the elements. So our top tips are to keep it out of direct sunlight and sheltered, if possible. It’s been dipped in water-based oil to help with longevity (the wood, that is), but if you top-up with more oil or varnish, and sand back down when necessary, it’ll last as long as Dicko’s career.

For more information, or to order one for your next delivery, view our doorstep milk huts here.

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