Keeping you stocked up during lockdown

By The Modern Milkman on November 4th, 2020

Temporary lockdown measures

We’ve all had to adapt during lockdown and make tough choices, like the people and places we visit. To get through this challenging time, we’re reluctantly introducing a couple of changes. But we hope our deliveries will be as well-received as ever. If not more so.

A short-term switch to plastic egg cartons

We’re really upset about this one because we hate plastic packaging. Due to the impact of Covid-19 on manufacturing, the smaller suppliers are struggling to source cardboard egg cartons, and the larger chains have acquired the ones that are left. Plus current legislation prevents us from reusing the old ones and sterilising them. We wouldn’t like to see good eggs going to waste or people going short during lockdown. So, we’ve had to bend on this one, temporarily. Rest assured, our eggs are still free range and will be back in cardboard as soon as possible.

No deliveries inside porches

In the interests of social distancing, the police have advised us to stay out of our customers’ porches. So, we’ll have to leave all deliveries outside. If you leave a covered container out, we’ll be happy to place your order in there to keep it dry and protected. Just remember to leave delivery instructions for your milkman or woman. You can do this in your online account or with a note.

Thanks for your heartwarming notes

We had some lovely messages of support left on doorsteps, during the previous lockdown. These helped to lift the spirits of all our milkmen and women, so thanks again. Stay safe, and we’ll get through this together.

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