New daily delivery fees from 19th August

New daily delivery fees from 19th August

We’re scrapping weekly delivery fees in favour of daily delivery fees to make it fairer for everyone. You’ll now only pay for the days we deliver to your door. Don’t worry, it’s super simple!

Fairer for everyone

Currently, customers pay the same delivery fee whether they get one delivery or three deliveries per week (if their repeat weekly total is under £8). The new fees will help cover the cost of delivery and keep our product prices fair for everyone. As well, one time orders now count towards your drop total. So it’s a win-win for everyone!

Daily drop fees explained:

  • Delivery is free on days when orders total £2.80 or more 
  • 25p delivery fee on drops between £1.40 and £2.79
  • 50p fee on drops up to £1.39

How to take advantage of daily drop fees

– Reduce the amount of deliveries by consolidating your orders. To do this, just login to your account. You don’t need to cancel or reorder your items. Instead, go to your repeat orders tab, press edit, and move your items to one day. For example, instead of ordering milk to come every delivery day, why not consider ordering two pints on a Monday and your weekend supply of milk on a Friday.

  • – Add a few extras as one time orders (like those brownies you’ve been eyeing up)

How we charge for delivery fees

Delivery fees are charged in advance of your deliveries.

If you change your order after you’ve paid, we’ll amend your delivery fees accordingly by crediting your account or charging extra with next week’s bill. The amount you’re charged or credited can be found in the new ‘Order Adjustment’ section of your receipt.

Where to find your delivery fee changes

We now have a new section on the bottom of your receipt that says ‘Order Adjustment’. In this section, you will find any credit or charge given throughout the week so you can keep track of any changes. There’s also a section at the bottom that explains the new daily delivery fees to keep it as clear as possible. 

You can view your daily delivery fees in your online account.