How to get involved in The Big Plastic Count

Written by Ollie Wilkinson

A team up between Greenpeace and Everyday Plastic? Count us in! The Big Plastic Count is the UK’s largest-ever investigation into the household plastic waste clogging our streets, oceans and planet. And as plastic haters and planet lovers, we’re well on board! 

With 8 million tons of plastic entering our ocean every year, it’s about time we settled the score on this maleficent material. And that’s exactly what The Big Plastic Count is all about.  

In their words, The Big Plastic Count will “gather new, game-changing evidence that will push the government to take bold action on plastic.” If that doesn’t excite you, you’re in the wrong place! 

What’s The Big Plastic Count? 

The Big Plastic Count is an investigation that Ted Hastings and the AC12 gang would be proud of. Uncovering the truth about what happens to our plastic waste, it invites people across the UK to start tallying the plastic packaging they throw away.  

Founded by Everyday Plastic and Greenpeace (two organisations which know what they’re talking about!), The Big Plastic Count aims to help halve single-use plastics by 2025! 

When is The Big Plastic Count? 

Leaving no single-use plastic container unturned, The Big Plastic Count is an inspection as thorough as when Ofsted came to your school. It takes place between 16th and 22nd May, with households, schools and communities measuring their waste over the course of the week. 

You can sign up for a free pack any time before the big date. But more juicy deets on that later… 

Why we’re big fans 

When it comes to reducing waste, we’re like moths to a flame. Or Brits to a beer garden at the slightest hint of sunshine. Saving and counting plastic to us, is like loving lasagna and hating Mondays to Garfield. It’s so engrained in our DNA. 

From our plastic free groceries to our Rubbish Summer campaign, we love nothing more than reducing plastic waste. So, when we heard about this momentous plastic perusal, we had to sign up! 

How to get involved 

Taking part in The Big Plastic Count is easy. All it takes is four steps: 

  1. 1. Sign up on The Big Plastic Count website
  1. 2. Receive your free pack in the post (on recycled paper, of course). 
  1. 3. Start making a note of every piece of plastic you throw away between 16-22 May 
  1. 4. Submit your results on the website. 

Once you’ve followed these easy instructions, The Big Plastic Count will provide you with a personal plastic footprint that reveals your household’s eco-impact. And much like when you open a bar tab at your local, the final amount may shock you. 

As well as detailing what happens to your plastic once it’s thrown away, the information from every household will create a national picture of the UK’s plastic waste problem, which The Big Plastic Count will use to “push the government into action.” 

Keep calm and carry on reducing plastic 

Single use plastics are made to be used and abused; our planet isn’t. And in the words of The Big Plastic Count: “We’re all doing our bit to recycle, but plastic waste is still everywhere. Something doesn’t add up… and we need your help to prove it.” 

Wondering how else you can cut down on plastic waste and litter? Start by exploring our helpful resources: 

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