Today is Earth Day

Written by The Modern Milkman

It’s also our usual Thursday milkround

Earth Day is a great time to take stock of environmental challenges and celebrate the work of people trying to improve our environment. But it’s no time for back-patting or cork-popping, as we’re in the midst of a global crisis, and there’s much more to do. So, we’ll be up at the crack of dawn delivering, as usual, whilst whistling a tune and collecting your empties.

11.8 million plastic bottles saved and counting

To date, our customers have saved 11.8 million plastic bottles and cartons from production by using our returnable glass bottles. We wash and reuse our bottles on average 25 times whilst providing accountability for your empties. If only we could say the same for every plastic bottle thrown in the recycling with your baked beans and beer cans. 

But why stop at bottles?

We don’t use any single-use plastics in our packaging – everything is reusable or recyclable. We’re continually innovating to expand our returnable packaging range, including eco-friendly household products in glass refills and tea and coffee in metal caddies. But our work has only just begun, so the only glass we’ll be raising is a returnable milk bottle. Cheers!

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