Stop Food Waste Day

Written by The Modern Milkman

The problem with food waste

We’re all guilty of food waste once in a while, and our eyes are often bigger than our bellies when we’re shopping, especially if we’ve been watching Man V. Food or The Great British Bake Off. But food production puts a strain on natural resources, such as freshwater, and generates greenhouse gases. Food waste rotting in landfill also creates methane, yet another greenhouse gas. And with food poverty such an issue, it feels wrong to throw good food away. So, how can we help to stop this waste?

Buying little and often

Planning your weekly shop, and buying what you need when you need it, can help avoid this waste and stop your fridge from looking like the reduced aisle in your local supermarket – with everything on or past its use-by date. Ordering groceries from our milkround can help you to plan your weekly shop and avoid overloading your fridge. You can tweak your order as you go to prevent waste and, with returnable bottles and plastic free packaging, you’ll be cutting down on your general waste and unnecessary recycling as well. The planet will be better for it, and your overflowing bins will thank you!

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