How To Build Your Cardboard Milk Box

Written by The Modern Milkman

How to use your coolbox

Our sustainable coolbox uses multi-layered cardboard to trap pockets of air and insulate your groceries, but you’ll need to make it cold inside (as with any coolbox).

You can cool your box using:

  • • Reusable cool blocks and cool packs
  • • Bottle chilling sleeves
  • • Frozen water containers

Be careful not to overfill your containers when putting them in the freezer, as water expands when it turns to ice. Also, don’t use glass, as it might crack.

How to look after your coolbox

Try to minimise your coolboxes exposure to water. They’re surprisingly durable, but you might want to keep it away from any standing water (near drains etc) and bring it inside in between deliveries to extend its lifespan. You could also prop it up off the ground with bricks, wood or whatever you have lying around (ensuring it’s supported in the middle and the sides). If it’s still in good shape when winter comes, you can flat pack it away, ready for next summer. If it’s seen better days, you can recycle it in your paper bin, ready to be reincarnated as a book, toilet paper, or maybe just another box.

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