Happy World Refill Day!

Written by The Modern Milkman

Celebrate by filling up your fave water bottle

Today, June 16th, is World Refill Day, where we celebrate all things refillable and reusable. From your favourite metal water bottle, to all the glass jam jars you’ve been saving under the sink, reusing and refilling is a great way to decrease your waste and save the environment!

So why choose to refill in the first place?

We all know our plastic use is off the charts and negatively impacting our beloved oceans and environments. Something as simple as buying a single-use plastic water bottle means creating a piece of waste that’ll last for 450 years. For something that’s only meant to be used once, it sure does stick around for a while. And while recycling does seem promising, the reality is only 45% of plastic in the UK is recycled. That means 55% is left in landfills waiting to decompose in the next half a millennium. But don’t worry, you can help change this!

That’s where World Refill Day comes into play

A plastic bottle takes time, energy, and resources to make – all to be immediately thrown away after use. Refilling and reusing offers a way out of the single-use cycle. By using a reusable water bottle, for example, you’re taking away any potential waste that could be found in a landfill. That metal water bottle you’re using will last for years – think of how many plastic bottles you’re saving in the process! 

Doing our part

We’re here to help stop waste from ever getting into our oceans, rivers, and parks. Our glass bottles ensure there’s no plastic to begin with, but we go one step further by taking away your clean empties to be washed and refilled for reuse. This creates a closed-loop system where no waste is being created, and everyone is free to enjoy fresh, high-quality milk that’s completely eco-friendly. But we don’t stop there! From fizzy pop, tea, and coffee, to household products like washing up liquid and hand soap, we use reusable glass bottles and containers to cut down our waste.

Thanks for doing your bit for the planet. Happy World Refill Day!

Join our milkround

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