Teach Your Kids About Food Waste With This Fun Activity!

Written by Justin Thompson

We’ve all been guilty of throwing away perfectly good food – whether that’s the last bit of leftovers, or the banana that’s a little too ripe. But tossing these foods can really add up. Did you know the average UK family spends £470 a year on food which ends up binned and not eaten? And as a whole, the UK throws away over 10 million tonnes of food a year. That’s a lot of Sunday dinners! So, to help solve the food waste problem, here’s a fun activity to do with your kids. 

Here are some of October’s wasted foods:

  • – Apples
  • – Potatoes
  • – Pears
  • – Peppers
  • – Pumpkins

Using the template provided, have your child create their own recipe plan by using one of the foods listed. Can they come up with a recipe for each day of the week? The sky’s the limit in this creative kitchen, and we can’t wait to see what your little ones come up with by tagging us on social media!

Apples a bit mushy? Cook them with some warming spices to create a delicious apple sauce! 

Potatoes about to sprout? Why not have them make their own chips with a fun seasoning.

Pears slightly bruised? Bake an autumnal pear cake or pear crumble!

Peppers forgotten in the fridge? Cut the tops off and create your own stuffed peppers!

Pumpkins too scary for the neighbors? Turn your jack-o-lanterns into soft pumpkin cookies or an American pumpkin pie!

We hope your kids have fun creating their own delicious recipes, and find new and exciting ways to save food from the bin! Download the activity below:

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