Free Range vs Organic vs Milk – What’s the Difference?

Written by Justin Thompson

Our range is growing! We now offer organic and free range milk and eggs. But what’s the difference? How are you supposed to know what to buy? Well, not to worry, we’re here to set the record straight and give you all the information you need to be one smart egg. 


Our organic milk and eggs are OF&G certified. This means, to be labelled as organic, our farmers must follow certain regulations and be routinely audited by OF&G to meet these standards.  

This means: 

  • – All cows and chickens have a high standard of animal welfare, including a natural and organic diet, smaller herds and flocks, and freedom to roam 
  • – No preventative antibiotics  
  • – No genetically modified ingredients or animal feed  
  • – Fertile and biodiverse pasture in our dairy farms  

Free range  

Our free range milk comes with Free Range Dairy’s Pasture Promise accreditation, and we also have free range eggs. So, all cows and chickens have the freedom to roam while also living under a high standard of animal welfare.   

This means:   

  • – Chickens must always have access to runs covered in vegetation, as well as nest boxes and litter for scratching and dust bathing 
  • – Cows are given the freedom to graze for a minimum of 180 days a year  
  • – Dairy farms have a biodiversity plan in place to enhance the pasture quality  
  • – There are no preventative antibiotics used 


While our other milk is not labelled as ‘free range’ that doesn’t mean the quality and standard is any less. We work closely with our dairy suppliers and choose to work with them because of their high standards. They’re all Red Tractor certified, which means they follow world leading standards for animal welfare.  

This means: 

  • – The health and welfare of the cows are proactively managed with yearly vet health and performance reviews 
  • – All dairies must have safe, comfortable, and hygienic housing for all cows 
  • – All cows receive a full and healthy diet 
  • – Cows producing milk must be milked daily for their own comfort

Well, now you know!

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