Rise of the Refillables 

Written by Ollie Wilkinson

Ahem, epic movie trailer voices at the ready… 

In a world of waste-filled wheelie bins and pollutant packaging, a new team of heroes must rise. 

From the producers who brought you blockbuster hits like return and reuse milk and fruit juice, comes an epic new range of Refillables, embarking on a mission to rid the world of cereal waste offenders.  

Witness the birth of a new era of planet-protecting vigilantes, fighting to rescue your household from the claws of waste, once and for all.  

Coming to a doorstep near you. 

Ah waste, we’ve been expecting you… 

Waste is the environment’s arch-nemesis, and it’s been building an army of henchmen in the shadows of your wheelie bin. But eco-heroes have a trick up their sleeves; a solution that’s a bigger threat to waste than Kryptonite is to Superman. 

And it goes by the name of the circular economy. 

The wily ol’ villain of waste has spread its spindly fingers into landfills and the deep depths of the ocean for the last time. Now, a new team of zero heroes is rising to take out the trash. 

We’re putting together a team 

For years, glass bottles have rescued households from waste. But they can’t do it alone. As more single-use packaging takes over supermarket shelves, the world needs new returnable, refillable packaging to stand up and be counted. 

That’s why we’ve pulled a Disney and rebooted our superhero team for the 21st century. Behold, earth’s newer, bigger, brighter team of mighty zero heroes! 

The Refillables swoop into your fridge and cupboards and back on your doorstep in no time to rescue you from the evils of packaging and food waste

In and out of your house like the Flash, this super squad of planet-protecting vigilantes are the heroes your doorstep deserves, and the ones the planet needs 

Refillable packaging: A green lantern of hope 

Our Corn flakes, Rice pops, Choco pops and Sugar arrive on your doorstep in our NEW refillable pots, which you can leave on your doorstep for us to collect and reuse. 

How to fight waste with your refillable cereals and sugar: 

  1. Once your pots are delivered, decant the contents into a separate container ASAP. Not got a container? Check out our jazzy eco-friendly jars
  1. Leave the empty pot(s) on your doorstep for us to collect on your next delivery (just like your empty glass bottles) 
  1. We’ll then collect, wash and refill your pot(s) to use again and again! 

Why returnable, refillable, reusable packaging trumps the rest 

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation say the “circular economy tackles climate change and other global challenges like biodiversity loss, waste, and pollution”. Frankly, we couldn’t have put it better ourselves! 

The circular economy makes the sustainable world go round, and the more we reuse and refill our packaging, the less we waste. Here’s why, in the packaging world, return and reuse glass bottles and refillable pots come up trumps: 

Want to learn more? Check out our go-to guide on What Is Sustainable Packaging

What are our NEW Refillables made from? 

Our new refillable cereals and sugar pots are made up of: 

  • 96% wood fibres and natural oils. The wood fibres are certified by FSC and PEFC, and come from sustainably harvested forests. The natural oils are certified by global leading certification scheme ISCC Plus, and come from vegetable oil waste streams (e.g. cooking oil from the food industry). 
  • 4% plastic binding agent 

To tell you the truth, we’d love to deliver everything in glass (with 0% plastic rather than 4%). But the rinse and return infrastructure for glass is yet to extend beyond bottles.  

Delivering cereals and sugar in glass would also make these eco-friendly products much more expensive, which goes against our mission to make sustainable shopping easy and readily available on your doorstep. 

So about that 4%… 

Back in 2017, a report from our friends at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation revealed that most plastic packaging is used only once, and that “without fundamental redesign and innovation, about 30% of plastic packaging will never be reused or recycled.” 

You only have to look at the Big Plastic Count results to know that recycling plastic is not the answer. So, as our hero Sir David Attenborough says, “we must innovate so all the plastic we do need is designed to be safely reused”. 

Applying circular economy principles to plastic packaging could “drastically reduce negative externalities such as leaking into our oceans,” according to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation

The return and reuse circular economy is the future our planet needs. And our refillable cereal and sugar pots can be reused roughly 100 times and remoulded seven times. That’s 700 total reuses and a heck of a lot of Choco pops! 

Not all heroes are pint-sized 

Sustainable packaging doesn’t protect the planet on its own, and our milkround wouldn’t be the same without our heroic suppliers, customers and milkies. Every day, our milkround community brings the circular economy to life, proving that you don’t need to rip your pants to be an incredible green hero. 

Together, this super ensemble has prevented a whopping 75 MILLION plastic bottles from polluting the planet. And we’re just getting started. 

If you’d like to keep waste quivering in its boots, check out our full range of eco-friendly groceries before joining our milkround. No cape necessary! 

Our Vision for the future 

Our mission is to make returnable, reusable packaging the go-to grocery norm, wiping out waste once and for all. To do this, we’re continually innovating the range of sustainable packaging and eco-friendly produce readily available on your doorstep. 

Return and reuse glass-bottled milk was just the beginning, and our hard work isn’t stopping at refillable cereal and sugar. So, keep your doorstep primed and watch this space! 

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