Seagrass Green Milk: Fact or Fiction?

Written by Ollie Wilkinson

On 31st March 2023, we teased something big coming to our milkround. A day later, at 8:30am, we announced that our ground-breaking, industry-shaking Seagrass Green Milk was ready to be delivered to doorsteps far and wide. 

Produced by seagrass-fed cows, it’s fair to say our customers (and some of our colleagues!) were both shocked and excited about this new addition. But what they didn’t realise, was the carefully selected date of such an announcement.  

Hey, it’s not our fault. We even told them to mark their calendars! 

April Fool’s!  

Awkward confession time: our Seagrass Green Milk was all one big elaborate ruse. Our milk may be green, but it’s not THAT green! And as amazing as seagrass is for the planet, we wouldn’t feed it to our dairy divas! 

This crafty little April Fool’s Day trick was about way more than just giving you a good ol’ fashion pranking, though. We wanted to raise awareness for the importance of seagrass, as well as a few great causes close to our milkround’s heart and sustainable mission

Why is seagrass important? 

Seagrass is a flowering plant that provides biodiversity, sustainable livelihoods and planetary life support. Occupying just 0.1% of the ocean floor, seagrass accounts for 11% of the organic carbon buried in the sea, capturing carbon at a rate even greater than tropical rainforests! 

Still not convinced? Check out these stats: 

  • – 20% of the world’s fisheries are supplied by seagrass meadows (Project Seagrass
  • – Seagrass absorbs and stores carbon 35 times more efficiently than rainforests (Project Seagrass
  • – Seagrass provides vital nutrition for almost three billion people (Project Seagrass
  • – Thousands of species rely on seagrass meadows for food and habitat, including seahorses, manatees, sharks and sea turtles (Project Seagrass

How you can help our planet, ocean and wildlife 

From marine conservation and biodiversity to ocean clean ups, here’s how you can support some of our favourite sustainable projects. 

  1. 1. Project Seagrass 

Project Seagrass has produced over 70 publications on seagrass, while planting over one million seeds! So, as you can probably guess, we’re major fans of the marine conservation charity. 

Seagrass is vital in combating climate change. But we’re losing roughly two football pitches’ worth of it every hour. Here’s how you can support Project Seagrass’s goals and help kick global warming into touch. 

  • Make a donation: “Together, we can conserve seagrass for the benefit of all humanity,” says Project Seagrass. The environmental charity depends on the support of dedicated individuals to carry out its vital conservation work. 
  • Buy some merch: Help ensure the sustainable growth of seagrass and biodiversity, AND get a nifty t-shirt. Winner, winner! 
  • Become a seagrass supporter: This doesn’t mean you have to switch allegiances from your chosen sports team. It just means believing in Project Seagrass’s mission, vision and values! 
  1. 2. Ocean Conservation Trust 

In April 2021, England’s largest seagrass planting programme began in Plymouth Sound National Marine Park. And this was absolutely not an April Fool’s!  

Conducted by the Ocean Conservation Trust, this programme consists of 16,000 seagrass seed bags and 2,200 seedling bags being planted by 2025. Here’s how you can support the project, as well as the charity behind it: 

  • Make a donation: The Ocean Conservation Trust say that donations allow them to “continue our vital work to safeguard the future of our ocean” 
  • Sign up to the newsletter: Stay informed and connected with the charity’s incredible conservation efforts via email 
  • Fundraise: Whether you prefer bake sales or sponsored swims, there are plenty of ways to get involved and raise funds for the Ocean Conservation Trust 
  1. 3. Save Our Wild Isles 

“For every danger threatening our natural world there is a solution,” say Save Our Wild Isles, a campaign fighting to preserve and restore the United Kingdom’s wildlife, wetlands, woodlands and wildflower meadows. 

Save Our Wild Isles is the first major campaign between WWF, RSPB and National Trust. We know right? What a dream combo! Here’s how you can support their efforts to save the UK’s natural world: 

  • Create wild spaces: Help put nature at the heart of your community by creating and managing local green spaces 
  • Measure your impact: Use WWF’s carbon footprint calculator to discover the small changes you can make to build a better world 
  • Add your voice: Get involved in the People’s Plan for Nature and call for immediate action to protect and restore nature 
  • Stay informed: Sign up for the Save Our Wild Isles newsletter and get opportunities sent right to your inbox 
  1. 4. The Wildlife Trusts 

The Wildlife Trusts call seagrass “a natural solution to the climate crisis” and are campaigning for “nature’s recovery at sea”. Their purpose is simple: to bring wildlife back and take meaningful action for nature. 

Founded in 1912, the grassroots movement has more than 900,000 members. Here’s how you can lend your support: 

  • Become a member: Look after the nature in your area by becoming a Wildlife Trust member for just £3 a month. As well as that warm fuzzy feeling of doing some good, you’ll also receive a fantastic welcome pack and access to many of the UK’s beautiful nature reserves 
  • Donate: Your donation brings The Wildlife Trusts one step closer to preserving and protecting our natural world 
  • Shop: Looking for a gift for the nature-lover in the family? Want to do your bit for the UK’s wonderful wildlife? Look no further than the Wildlife Trusts’ merch! 

Our milk is green by nature, not by colour 

Our milk may not be green on the Pantone chart, and it’s certainly not infused with foliage from the ocean. However, it’s green by nature and goes a long way towards freeing the ocean of plastic

Arriving in a return and reuse glass bottle – just like our soft drinks, spring water and fruit juices – our fresh doorstep milk creates a waste free circular economy that protects the planet with every delivery. 

Check out our full range of sustainable groceries and join our milkround to join the fight against waste! 

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