What We’re Doing to Support Our Farmers 

Written by Justin Thompson

It’s no secret that these are strange times. And who’d of thought we’d still be saying this after going through the pandemic? The cost-of-living crisis is affecting us all in different ways, and it’s important that we continue to support the people that do so much for us. 

For Modern Milkman, that means supporting our suppliers and the farming community. They’re the reason we can deliver such amazing produce and dairy, and we work closely with them to ensure we have quality, sustainable products. 

At the moment, high prices are making the farming industry go through a tough time, as they’re feeling loss in both production costs and profit sales. Production costs are becoming increasingly expensive, with an increase price of 162% for fertiliser and 15% for animal feed. Fruit and veg growers are also seeing an inflation of 24%. At the same time, farmers are still not getting the fair price they need from supermarkets, creating even more problems for them. 

“The need to support British Dairy farming and independent suppliers grows and grows. Supermarkets have tried to avoid the increase in prices, food has been commoditised and many consumers don’t see the true cost and have an unrealistic perceived value of food. This isn’t sustainable, and farmers are actively leaving the industry as a result of not seeing a future in this. This then creates a reduction in supply and pushes the price up further due to retailers fighting for supply.”

Simon Mellin, Founder + CEO of Modern Milkman

We understand the strain everyone is facing during this crisis, but we know that if we don’t help our farmers now, then we won’t have their amazing produce in the future. 

“As consumers, we often overlook what goes into producing and supplying what we eat and drink. The price we pay as end users has a huge impact on the source, yet inflation is a real challenge for households. How do we find the balance?”

Simon Mellin, Founder + CEO of Modern Milkman

We work hard to keep our prices as low as we can for our customers, but we have to think of our farmers and independent suppliers as well. It’s why we’ve increased the price we’re paying to our suppliers. We’ve also tried to optimize our operations to offset inflation to the best of our ability.  

We understand you’re also going through a tough time during this cost-of-living crisis. But we hope this gives you more of an understanding as to why we do what we do, and why we sometimes need to implement slight price increases for our products. 

We’re beyond grateful for your support during this time, and that you’re continuing to choose to go single-use plastic free with every order you make. Not only that, but you’re also helping the farming community, and independent British suppliers survive during these tough times too. So, thank you again for your support! 

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