Warrington Recycling Centre’s Recycling Rules

18 March, 2022

Warrington Recycling Centre’s Recycling Rules

Recycling rules are a lot like navigating public transport on a hangover – confusing, frustrating, and a little bit overwhelming. But we’re here to change that! We’ve laid out what Warrington recycling centre says you can and can’t recycle, as well as some general bin rules that may have been lost in translation. 

According to Warrington Borough Council: 

Here’s what you CAN put into your recycling bins:

Blue bin:

  • Aerosols (empty) 
  • Cardboard 
  • Envelopes (with windows) and junk mail 
  • Glass bottles and jars 
  • Plastic bottles – drinks bottles, household cleaner bottles, shampoo bottles etc. 
  • Plastic food trays/tubs/pots i.e margarine tubs, yogurt pots 
  • Newspapers, magazines and shredded paper 
  • Tetra pak drink cartons 
  • Food and drink tins and cans 
  • Tin foil, and clean foil trays 
  • Yellow Pages and phone directories 

Green bin:

  • Flowers 
  • Grass cuttings 
  • Hedge clippings 
  • Leaves 
  • Plants – indoor and outdoor 
  • Twigs, small branches and bark 
  • Weeds 

Here’s what CANNOT go into your recycling bins:

Blue bin:

  • Plastic bags
  • Hard plastics – coat hangers, toys, plant pots, tupperware
  • Any food or liquids
  • PPE, nappies, used tissues, kitchen roll / paper towels
  • Garden waste
  • Glass, scrap metal and textiles

Green bin: 

  • Turf 
  • Large branches 
  • Soil, stone or rubble 
  • Pet faeces, bedding or straw in your green bin

Warrington recycling centre has a few extra notes to keep in mind when sorting out your waste

Rinse all your containers (just like your milk bottles) to get rid of any leftover food or liquid and put them directly in the blue bin and not in a plastic bag. For any cardboard (like pizza boxes), please make sure these are clean and don’t contain any food.   

When getting rid of your garden waste, place it directly into the bin, not into a plastic bag. The plastic bag will contaminate everything and only create microplastics that’ll harm the environment. As well, green bins are only collected if you’ve paid for a green bin subscription. 

For more of Warrington Borough Council’s recycling details, just follow the link here.     

We hope this helps uncomplicate your local recycling rules and makes it easier to sort through your paper and tins. We know recycling isn’t the answer to the waste crisis, but it’s a step in the right direction. Happy recycling! 

*This information is up to date as of 16th March 2022.  

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