York’s local recycling rules 

27 April, 2022

York’s local recycling rules 

Recycling rules are a lot like a Shakespearean play – no matter how hard you try to follow what’s going on, you end up with more questions than answers. But we’re here to change that! We’ve laid out what you can and can’t recycle, as well as some general bin rules that may have been lost in translation. So, if you’re a York local in need of some recycling help, keep reading. With this handy guide, you’ll be a York recycling genius in no time!

According to the City of York Council: 

Here’s what you CAN put into your recycling bins:

Black recycling box #1: 

  • • PET 1 and HDPE 2 plastics such as: plastic bottles, plastic trays (like those used for fresh fruit) and tubs (like margarine tubs) 
  • • Metal food and drink cans (steel and aluminium) that are washed and squashed 
  • • Aerosols 
  • • Glass bottles and jars (make sure they’re rinsed out) 

Black recycling box #2: 

  • • Paper and cardboard (these need to be separate from your other recycling materials 
  • Egg boxes
  • • Newspapers/magazines, telephone directories, 
  • • Catalogues/brochures (with staples removed) 
  • • Junk mail, leaflets (with staples removed), white/coloured paper, all envelopes (with plastic windows removed where applicable) 
  • • Greetings cards, non-foil gift wrapping paper, clean paper bags 
  • • Cereal boxes, ready meal boxes 
  • • Kitchen/toilet roll tubes, tissue boxes 
  • • Card sleeves from food packaging 

Here’s what CANNOT go into your recycling bins:  

Black recycling box #1: 

  • Aluminium foil and foil trays 
  • Baking trays, metal utensils, coat hangers, cutlery 
  • Paint tins 
  • Window glass 
  • Drinking glasses and cookware 
  • Light bulbs 
  • Mirror glass 

Black recycling box #2: 

  • Loose excess cardboard which doesn’t fit in your recycling box (please do not use cardboard boxes or plastic bags to present excess cardboard) 
  • All types of cartons (Tetra Paks, soup, chopped tomatoes, custard, fabric conditioner) 
  • Waxed paper coffee/teacups 
  • Books 

As well, your council has a few extra notes to keep in mind when sorting out your waste.   

Got more plastic or tin? If you have PET 1 and HDPE 2 plastic that won’t fit into your boxes, just place them curb side in an untied carrier bag (not a black bin bag)  

Safety first! Please don’t recycle any broken glass, instead this must be disposed of safely in household waste.

Had a crazy Saturday night? If you’ve got extra glass, your council will take an equivalent of one extra boxful of glass. So please put any extra glass in a separate, sturdy container next to your recycling boxes. 

The same goes with paper and cardboard! Your council will take an equivalent of one extra boxful. Your paper and cardboard must be flattened and broken into pieces, and put next to your recycling in a container of a similar size to your boxes. But remember, no plastic bags! These can’t be mixed with cardboard during recycling 

For more of York’s recycling details, check out their website.

Where does it all go? 

All your recycling is taken to Harewood Win Waste Transfer Station (say that three times fast), where it’s then sorted for recycling. These sorted recycled materials are then taken to places around the UK and Europe for the rest of their journey. 

For more info on where your recycling goes, watch this handy video

We hope this helps uncomplicate your local recycling rules and makes it easier to sort through your paper and tins. We know recycling isn’t the answer to the waste crisis, but it’s a step in the right direction. Happy recycling! 

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This information is up to date as of 07 July 2023.