We Go Beyond the Milkround 

Written by Justin Thompson

March is a very special month. Why? Because it’s all about B Corp™! And as a certified B Corp, we get the chance to join the blossoming B Corp community, and shout about all the things that make our business a force for good™. 

This month, we’ll get into why, and how, we go beyond the milkround as a certified B Corp. Next stop infinity, right Buzz? 

Why do we go beyond the milkround? 

It’s no secret that plastic is taking over the planet. But to what extent?  

These stats are even more shocking than finding out that the 90’s were 30+ years ago, or that butterfly clips have already come back into fashion.  

Helping the planet one glass bottle at a time 

Our founders were just as shocked when they saw the plastic problem highlighted by Sir David Attenborough’s Blue Planet. The earth needed our help, and we knew recycling wasn’t the solution. There had to be something better!  

Enter, our return and reuse glass bottles. Combining the traditional milkround with modern tech, we’re bringing the circular economy right to your doorstep.  

How do we go beyond the milkround? 

Packaging. Sure, it’s not the most glamorous part of the milkround, but let’s face it, it’s super important. And remember, the mountains of plastic packaging are what got us into this mess in the first place.  

So, it’s safe to say we’re really into packaging. It’s why all our products follow a set of guidelines to ensure that they won’t harm the planet.  

Return and reuse glass bottles 

At the top of our list is our return and reuse glass bottles. They hold our milk, juices, and milkshakes, and give an added touch of nostalgia. But most importantly, they’re able to be returned and reused! 

It’s why we call it a milkround and not a milkline, because our bottles create a circular economy that goes round and round like a merry-go-round. 

So, unlike plastic packaging, our glass bottles can be used over and over again, without any waste at all! We even commissioned a handy report that proves glass bottles are better than plastic ones (and we’re really proud of it). 

Want to learn more? Read Our Guide to Sustainable Packaging

How else do we go beyond the milkround? 

It’s not all about us you know! We work with schools and community groups to help inspire and educate others to help the planet. 

Community Compost Competition 

We worked with schools to educate the next generation of eco-heroes about the importance of composting and reducing waste. Hundreds of schools around the UK entered, with 20 being shortlisted for the competition. The winning school was Tickhill St Mary’s Primary School, who collected an amazing 8,992 scraps! 

Message on a Bottle 

What do the kiddos have to say about the climate crisis? Our Message on a Bottle competition gave kids the chance to voice their eco-anxieties through art. The winner, seven-year-old Bella-Rae, told us, “I wanted to tell everyone to look after our oceans and keep them safe. I drew marine animals because it’s their homes being polluted with plastic.” Well said, Bella-Rae! 

Giving back to the local community 

In 2022, Modern Milkman completed 23 volunteer days across the business. These days consisted of working with community food banks, charities, tree-planting groups, and more! 

Now, back to you 

We’re firm believers that small changes really do make a big difference. So, during B Corp Month, we wanted to take the time to celebrate the amazing, everyday, planet-helping actions of our community.  

Going beyond for the planet looks like: 

So, how do you go beyond for the planet? Let us know by filling out the form below. 

We’ll share and celebrate these actions so that you can help inspire change and make the planet a better place! 

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