But ‘P*#s-Soaked Cardboard’ Was a Bit Harsh!

Written by The Modern Milkman

But 'p*#s-soaked cardboard’ was a bit harsh!

Social media has spoken, and we’ve listened
Thanks for all your feedback. We had good intentions when we launched our new oat drink – making the recipe 100% British oats and certified gluten-free. We also thought it might be a good idea to make it lighter and lower in calories. But it appears we may have got it wrong.

Creamier and less cardboardy
We’re tweaking the recipe to make it closer to what you’re used to, and the new and improved version will be available from 1st March or sooner. The new recipe will still be 100% British oats and certified gluten-free, but creamier, less sweet and, hopefully, a lot tastier.

How to pause your oat drink
If you’re unhappy with the current oat drink, you can pause until the 1st March when the new and improved version will be available. Simply go to ‘My orders’ in your account and click the pause icon, before selecting your pause dates.

Would you like to leave more feedback?
We launched the oat drink in a rush due to supplier issues and had to scrap our planned pre-launch survey. Our survey will run until thursday. So, without further ado, tell us what you really think! We might relaunch a lighter version of our oat drink alongside the creamier version, depending on your feedback.

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