Plastic Free February

Written by The Modern Milkman

Plastic Free February

An inconvenient truth

Living plastic-free can be a pain in the backside

We know this first-hand at Modern Milkman, as many of us have been sans-plastic for the best part of February. Those who’ve not been taking part have been following their progress, with amusement and admiration in equal measure.

It can feel like crap

Here are a few of the learnings from our #plasticfreefeb forum:
“The toothpaste tastes horrible…”
“Your raw chicken comes in a napkin…”
“You’re scared to have a curry in case your finger tears through the bamboo toilet paper!”
Shit happens. But you double-fold and get on with it.

The good news is it gets easier

We’ve learned to survive and, in some cases, thrive throughout the first three weeks of #plasticfreefeb:
“This toothpaste is not awful, would recommend!”
“The wonderful side effect of Plastic-free Feb is going to the markets and trying new vegetables. I can highly recommend mooli!”
“Snack queen back at it again – Plastic-free ice-cream!”

There are loads of ingenious plastic-free alternatives out there ifyou do your research. And a certain milkround, which delivers fresh milk and groceries in returnable glass bottles and plastic-free packaging, has made life much more convenient.

Follow our progress for our favourite plastic-free hacks.

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