Kids’ Quiz: Glass vs Plastic

Written by Ollie Wilkinson

glass vs plastic quiz

Paw Patrol vs Mayor Humdinger. Messi vs Ronaldo. Elsa vs Prince Hans. These are all epic battles, but our favourite has to be the age-old debate of glass vs plastic. 
For years, people have questioned which packaging material is better for the planet. And guess what? Our expert scientists finally have the answer, all thanks to the clear-cut evidence gathered in our very own glass milk bottle life cycle report. Take a look at our kids’ quiz below and learn all about the differences between glass packaging and the plastic stuff.

What’s the verdict?

Our life cycle report found that glass bottles are:  

  • – 100% (and infinitely) recyclable.
  • – Returned and reused around 25-30 times. 
  • – Producing lower carbon emissions than plastic cartons after just one return and reuse delivery. 

Plastic, meanwhile, is often landfilled, shipped overseas and incinerated, according to The Big Plastic Count

Teach your kids about eco-packaging with our fun kids’ quiz!

Enough about the facts and stats. It’s time to get your little eco-warriors and green superheroes involved! 
Our free downloadable activity sheet gives your littluns some lovely little tidbits about how they can help create a brighter, greener future. We’ve even got a kids’ quiz for those who want to put their new wisdom to the test!

Check out the answers below!

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