Introducing our mouthwatering Christmas range

Written by The Modern Milkman

Delicious festive fayre on your doorstep

Avoid the hustle and bustle of the supermarkets this Christmas, and let us deliver all your festive goodies directly to your doorstep. Our Christmas range is full of artisan goodies, traditional favourites and fresh produce in sustainable packaging – there’s enough plastic packaging and wrapping paper to contend with this time of year as it is. 

Savoury Christmas goodies

You can’t beat a bit of cheese at Christmas or any time of year, really. And our limited edition cheeses come in compostable packaging to cut down on your Christmas waste. We’ve got a tasty selection of limited edition cheese like creamy lancashire, classic mature cheddar, and red leicester. Pre-order them now to be delivered to your doorstep on the 20th December. We’re also delivering fresh seasonal veg boxes, which are perfect for Christmas dinner, with the obligatory Brussel sprouts. They’re nice if you cook them right, you know! Just add them as a one time order from the 13th December to start your Christmas dinner off right.

Sweet festive treats

Now then. Where do we start with our sweet treats? We’ve got delicious handmade mince pies with fresh cream and brandy butter, brownie pudding bites in the shape of miniature Christmas puddings (very cute!), and cranberry and orange flapjacks (they’re the future). We’re also delivering traditional boiled sweets in glass jars – including Cola Cubes, Pear Drops and Rhubarb & Custard. Talk about a blast from your Christmas past!

Whet your Christmas appetite here!

We’re collecting your empties throughout the festive period (as usual) to prevent your bins from overflowing. We avoid plastic all year round, and Christmas is no exception. All our cheeses, sweet bakes and seasonal vegetables come in home compostable or recyclable packaging (and boxes). And you can reuse your sweet jars at home – for the kids’ stocking fillers, Christmas money or penny chews from the shop. 

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