Behind the Magic of Our Merry Milkround

Written by Ollie Wilkinson

Step into Christmas and meet the merry makers behind our festive doorstep deliveries. After all, who needs elves and Santa’s workshop when you’ve got the magic of the milkround!? 

This year, we’ve added over 20 new products to our seasonal range (you may even spot a few familiar faces from last Christmas). And each one is just as tasty and sustainable as the next.   

From hot chocolate and chutneys to mince pies and crackers, we’ve got everything you need to deck your doorstep and make it a Christmas to remember.  

Derby Hill Dairy 

Derby Hill has been a working farm since 1850, back when Santa was just a moody, pre-bearded teenager. They produce mouthwatering milkshakes using milk from their own RSPCA Accredited herd (of cows, not reindeer), and they still source and produce everything local to the farm. 

Derby Hill Chocolate Orange Milkshake 

Santa and cookies, chocolate and orange, this milkshake and your doorstep – some things are just meant to be together.  

Our Chocolate Orange Milkshake takes our signature award winning chocolate milk and gives it an oh-so-delicious festive flair. 

The Pudding Compartment 

Pudding Compartment are an award-winning, family-run producer of premium puds. Handcrafted with the finest ingredients, you may have even tasted some of their tasty treats in your local restaurant, pub, café or coffee shop! 

The Pudding Compartment Mince Pies 

It’s not Christmas without a mince pie (or four). Ours are handmade by The Pudding Compartment using quality ingredients and packaged in a festive cardboard box. A fa-la-labulous gift for friends and family! 

Days Brewing Co’s Alcohol Free Beers 

Days Brewing Co’s award-winning alcohol free lager and pale ale are clean, crisp and utterly sessionable. Boasting a World Beer Award, over 1,000 5-star reviews, and write-ups from the likes of The Telegraph and The Times, these guys are brewing brainiacs. And they’re a Certified B Corp™, just like us! 

Featuring 0.0% alcohol, recyclable cans, and all-natural, plant-based ingredients, Days Brewing Co’s drinks are for all occasions. Especially Christmas and New Year! 

Days Lager 

Days Lager is lightly malted with a fine balance of floral and citrus notes. Brewed with Hallertau hops, it’s only 73 calories per 330ml can, ensuring you still have plenty of room for mince pies and fancy festive treats! 

Days Pale Ale 

The Telegraph crowned Days Pale Ale the best non-alcoholic pale ale in the UK. Its vibrant tropical overtones and balanced grapefruit finish also helped it win the 2023 gold at the World Alcohol Free Awards! 

Each 330ml recyclable can has just 69 calories, and is brewed using a mix of CTZ, Magnum and Herkules hops.

Lucky Saint’s 0.5% Low Alcohol Lager 

Lucky Saint are all about breaking rules and honouring tradition, making them a perfect fit for our eco-friendly Christmas range. Their 0.5% unfiltered lager has just four natural ingredients!  

Lucky Saint 0.5% Low Alcohol Superior Unfiltered Lager 

If you’re looking for a proper pint with minimal alcohol, you’re in the right place. Brewed with centuries-old techniques, this is a modern lager with no additives and just 53 calories per recyclable bottle! 

REAL Sparkling Teas 

Fizz the season! With sustainability, science, and craftsmanship at their core, REAL use the world’s finest loose-leaf teas to create non-alcoholic fine wines that sparkle with eco-elegance. 

REAL are the merry makers of our Dry Dragon and Royal Flush sparkling teas, which arrive in recyclable glass bottles and give you all the bubble without the hangover trouble. 

REAL Dry Dragon Sparkling Tea 

The star of any soirée, REAL’s Dry Dragon Sparkling Tea is carefully crafted using Dragonwell green tea in the heart of Buckinghamshire. Low in calories and sugar, it is a zesty, light bodied, non-alcoholic alternative to sparkling white wine.  

REAL’s Dry Dragon Sparkling Tea carries a fragrant hit of lemon meringue, with flavours of sweet lemons and a dry chocolatey finish. It’s practically Christmas in a recyclable glass bottle! 

REAL Royal Flush Sparkling Tea 

REAL’s Royal Flush Sparkling Tea is an alcohol-free alternative to champagne. 100% natural and low in sugar, it’s made using first flush Darjeeling, AKA the Queen of Tea. 

This is a fruity, medium bodied, delicately acidic sparkling tea that tastes of white peach and partners perfectly with our charcuterie range. Speaking of which… 

Rubies in the Rubble 

“Tasting great? Good. Fighting food waste? Gooder.” This is the Rubies in the Rubble mantra.  

Founder Jenny was shocked by the amount of produce that’s rejected because it doesn’t look perfect. So, she began rescuing food and experimenting with it in her very own workshop to make jams and chutneys. 

Fast forward a decade, and Rubies in the Rubble’s award-winning condiments have saved 351,600kg of fruits and vegetables. All by using delicious ingredients that would’ve otherwise gone to waste! 

Rubies in the Rubble Apple Chutney 

Rubies in the Rubble’s Apple Chutney rescues one apple per jar and is perfect with pulled pork or in a ploughman’s. Or with a late-night post-Christmas bash snack. No judgement, here! 

Rubies in the Rubble Spicy Tomato Relish 

Rubies in the Rubble’s Spicy Tomato relish rescues a whopping 20 tomatoes per jar! This all-rounder Rubies relish is slowly simmered with roasted spices and natural, vegan-friendly ingredients. 

Authentic Bread 

From a garage in rural Gloucestershire to greatness, Authentic Bread is a family-run, organic bakery that’s risen to fame like fine dough.  

As passionate pudding makers and snacktastic bakers, Authentic Bread celebrates traditional baking methods, ensuring every fruit-laden spoonful and yummy nibble is just as decadent as the next. 

Authentic Bread Christmas Pudding 

Indulgent, rich and fruity, our seasonal showstopper is everything a Christmas pudding should be. Doorstep-delivered in a muslin-wrapped ceramic bowl, it’s packed with festive flavours and free of plastic.  

Step into Christmas with this dessert, and it’s sure to pud you into the eco-friendly spirit!  

Authentic Bread Shortbread Stars 

Reach for the shortbread stars with Authentic Bread’s sweet shortbread biscuits. Merry crumbmas!  

Authentic Bread Gingerbread Stars 

You always knew our milkround was full of famously tasty treats. Now, prepare to be utterly starstruck! Authentic Bread’s Gingerbread Stars are a sweet, organic, spicy festive delight. 


The Bottled Baking Co 

The Bottled Baking Co was created in founder Greg’s kitchen, and each product is still handmade in Yorkshire using high-quality ingredients, before being packed in a recyclable glass bottle. 

These kits are a fantastically fresh, fun and festive Christmas gift for the keen bakers in your family. 

Chocotastic Chocolate Orange Cookie Bottled Baking Mix 

Made by The Bottled Baking Co, our Chocotastic Chocolate Orange Cookie Mix is all ready to go in a cute little bottle. Just pour the mix into a bowl, add one large egg and 170g of butter, and bake. There may even be enough to leave one out for Santa! 

White Chocolate and Honeycomb Blondie Mix 

Looking for something a little more indulgent this Crimbo? Treat yourself to this melt-in-your-mouth honeycomb and white chocolate baking mix! 

Crib Farm 

MTV isn’t the only one with star-studded cribs. Our friends at Crib Farm produce a wide range of delicious juices worthy of any red carpet. And we deliver them right to your very own crib’s doorstep!  

Based in the heart of Yorkshire, the family-focused farm are the juicy jedis behind our wonderfully waste free Mulled Winter Punch. 

Crib Farm Mulled Winter Punch 

Arriving in a return and reuse glass bottle, our Mulled Winter Punch is an alcohol free alternative to mulled wine. Whether you’re serving it hot or cold – booze free or with a cheeky glug of a warming tipple – this is a mulled must-have ingredient for a fab festive evening


It’s time to deck your doorstep! 

After checking our list twice, it’s time to sprinkle your cupboards and fill your fridge with our fantastically festive, sustainably wrapped produce! 

Dive into our Christmas category to put together your wish list.

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