Hot Chocolate Bomb Recipe 

Written by Ollie Wilkinson

A cosy Christmas isn’t complete without a cuppa hot chocolate. And our hot chocolate bomb recipe is the Christmassy cherry on the top. 

Grab your fave blanket and Christmas movie and jingle all the way through our hot cocoa bomb recipe! 

What are hot chocolate bombs? 

Also known as hot cocoa bombs, hot chocolate bombs are little spheres of sweet joy that melt magically in a mouth-watering mug of hot chocolate.  

These hot choc balls are an indulgent festive treat that invites you to step into Christmas with every scoop, sip and slurp. 

Hot chocolate bomb recipe 

To make our hot chocolate bomb dessert, you’ll need the following ingredients: 

  • 200g dark chocolate 
  • A spherical silicone baking tray 
  • Mini marshmallows 
  • Hot chocolate  
  • Milk 

Thanks to our easy-peasy eco milkround, you can deck your doorstep with nearly all the above ingredients. The only things you need from the shop are a bar of dark chocolate and some mini marshmallows! 

How to make hot chocolate bombs 

Follow our simple steps to discover how to make hot chocolate bombs at home: 

  1. 1. Melt your chocolate in a microwavable dish in 30-second intervals. Stop once it becomes a runny liquid. You can also melt it in a metal bowl over a pan of boiling water on the hob if you prefer. 
  1. 2. Pour the melted chocolate into 12 slots on a spherical silicone baking tray and leave to set. This should take between 10-60 minutes. 
  1. 3. Once your half-spheres are set, pop them out of the silicone baking tray. 
  1. 4. Fill half of them with a teaspoon of hot chocolate powder and mini marshmallows.  
  1. 5. Dip the other half of your choco hemispheres in the remaining melted chocolate, before carefully placing them on top of the filled hemispheres. 
  1. 6. Drizzle any remaining melted chocolate over the top of your new choco balls. 
  1. 7. Make your hot chocolate. 
  1. 8. Once your hot chocolate is ready and in your fave mug, carefully place a chocolate bomb in it and watch it melt! 

“What else can I make this Christmas?” 

Forget Santa’s workshop, your kitchen will be the real home of merry magic-making this Christmas.  

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