Our Favourite Ways To Enjoy Brandy Butter…

Written by The Modern Milkman

It’s the new garlic bread; everyone’s trying it. So, dip your toe in the water and spread it all over whatever takes you fancy. Here are our favourite three ways to enjoy our boozy butter:

  1. 1. Mince pies taste absolutely gorgeous heated up in the oven with a big dollop of brandy butter on top. The combination of creamy liquor and festive mincemeat will reignite your love of Christmas.
  2. 2. Christmas pudding tastes beautiful with brandy butter melted all over. It also means you can keep your pudding teetotal for the kids and add the boozy butter to give it a more grown-up flavour.
  3. 3. Crumpets might not seem the obvious choice for brandy butter, but we have it on good authority that it’s the best breakfast this side of the North Pole! Just don’t try to ride your sleigh to work afterwards.

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