Have Yourself a Crafty Little Christmas

Written by Ollie Wilkinson

Did you know, the amount of Christmas wrapping paper thrown away each year in the UK could stretch all the way to the moon? That’s over 238,000 miles! Fortunately, cutting down festive waste and saving our planet is not rocket science. In fact, it all starts with a spud.

A lot of wrapping paper and cards are made using unrecyclable, plastic-coated paper and glitter. This means they can’t be put into paper recycling, and will therefore end up in landfill. However, you don’t need gloss and glitter to sparkle this Christmas!

Scroll below or download the printable activity sheet at the bottom of this page to learn how your little ones can enjoy making their own wrapping paper, cards, and gift tags using a homemade potato stamp.

How to make your potato stamps

Keep the kids entertained, get creative, and cut down on waste during the holiday season by following these simple instructions with your kids. In less than five minutes, they’ll have everything they need to craft their wrapping paper, gift tags and cards.

What you’ll need:

  • Large potatoes (one per stamp)
  • – Kitchen paper or a tea towel
  • – Shaped biscuit cutters
  • – Sharp knife (have a grown up help for this bit!)
  • – Paint and plain paper


  1. 1. Cut a potato in half (lengthways for a long stamp, or across the middle for a smaller stamp).
  2. 2. Dry the ends of the potato with kitchen paper or a tea towel.
  3. 3. Push your biscuit cutter into the sliced part of one of the potato halves. This will create an outline for you to follow.
  4. 4. Leave the cutter wedged in the potato, and carefully use a knife to cut around it. You will need a grown up for this part.
  5. 5. Peel away the outer edge of the cutter (where you’ve cut) to create your stamp.
  6. 6. Remove the cutter from the potato and, hey presto, your stamp is now ready!

How to use your fancy new potato stamps

What was once a simple root vegetable is now a young artist’s dream. Here’s how your kids can use their new stamp to create and decorTATE (see what we did there?) their own recyclable Christmas cards, tags, gift bags, and wrapping paper.

  1. 1. Cover a table with newspaper and squeeze your paints into a shallow tray or pot.
  2. 2. Grab some paper for stamping. This can be a large sheet of kraft paper if it’s for wrapping or a sheet of A4 for a card.
  3. 3. Load your potato stamp with paint using a paintbrush or by dabbing it into the tray of paint.
  4. 4. Once your stamp shape is covered with paint, dab it onto the paper to create your shapes and patterns.

Download your own activity sheet to print and share below!

Bonus tips

  • – Make your own eco-friendly paint using all-natural ingredients such as beetroot, berries, honey, and mustard powder. All you need is a sieve, some fruit, and water! Click here to learn how to make your own natural paint.
  • – Recycle tip: when making your own wrapping paper, gift tags, or cards, try to use plain brown paper that can be put in the recycling bin afterward.
  • – Wondering what else you can do with leftover spuds? Why not try growing veg from scraps?

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