Picnic Without the Plastic

Written by The Modern Milkman

Picnic without the plastic

We all love a nice picnic in the park or countryside, but we hate the plastic packaging and waste that’s often involved. So we thought we’d share a few of our plastic free picnic hacks to prevent litter, reduce plastic waste, and keep the great outdoors green and pleasant. 

Plastic free picnic checklist:

  • – Take a reusable picnic bag or Thomas the Tank Engine lunch box
  • – Use reusable cutlery and plates, and remember to give them a good lick clean…
  • – Use metal water bottles for your water (or a cheeky snifter)
  • – Take a spare tea towel (or two if you’re messy) rather than wet wipes
  • – Pre-plan your picnic menu by ordering from us (we recommend the sourdough bread)
  • Order bread, butter, fruit and drinks in sustainable packaging and reusable glass bottles
  • – Bring a bag to remove your rubbish and take it home

We hope you enjoy your butties. See you in the park!

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