Happy National BBQ Week!

Written by The Modern Milkman

The days are longer, the sun’s out (well mostly), and the weather’s heating up – it’s the perfect time to hang out with your mates for a summer BBQ. As part of National BBQ week, we wanted to share some of our favorite tips, tricks, and swaps to create a completely plastic free event!

Here are five simple ways to host a plastic free BBQ:

1. Let people know you want it to be a plastic free BBQ

Before you get grilling, you’ll want to let your guests know it’ll be a plastic free BBQ. That way, if they’re in charge of any sides, ingredients, or drinks, they’ll know not to wrap things in cling film, buy plastic cups or bring any plastic items. As well, they might have extra plastic free supplies they can bring too! 

2. Ditch the plastic cutlery and plates

Nowadays, you can find so many options for plastic free dining. For a completely waste free option, try bamboo plates and cutlery! They’re perfect for an outdoor setting as they won’t break, and will last you for many BBQs to come. For napkins, opt for cloth ones, which can easily be put into the washing machine before the next use. 

3. Sip on refreshing, plastic free beverages

You’ve gotta enjoy a drink or two while enjoying the sun, so instead of buying big litres of soft drinks and mixers, opt for ones in glass bottles. We have some great options like diet pineappleade, diet cola, cream soda, and fruit juices, all delivered to you in returnable glass bottles. 

4. One burger, hold the plastic please

When it comes to burgers, try and buy your patties from the local butchers. They frequently wrap their meats in paper, or are usually happy to place your products in a tupperware container if you bring one.

5. Make it a buffet!

If you’d rather not do all the cooking (we completely understand), make your BBQ a buffet, and have all your guests bring their favorite dishes in reusable containers. This means less work and cleanup for you, and a chance to try new and tasty things. Just make sure to tell your guests not to use cling film, and instead opt for reusable containers or beeswax wraps for a plastic free option.

We hope these ideas help you create the ultimate BBQ that’s free of plastic and full of fun! And from all of us at the Modern Milkman, happy National BBQ Week!

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