Here’s Your Plastic Free July Roundup

Written by Justin Thompson

Celebrate in style (plastic free of course!)

It’s no secret that we all need to reduce our plastic consumption. The average UK household throws away at least 40kg of plastic every year – that’s enough to fill 10 wheelie bins! So this month, we’ve been celebrating Plastic Free July by showing you easy plastic free swaps you can make in your own home. Now we know the idea of going plastic free all at once can seem daunting, but don’t worry! Just take it one step at a time. To help, we’ve broken down easy swaps you can make in different rooms of your house. And remember, one small change can make a big difference to the planet!

Here are some of our favourite plastic free swaps

  1. 1. Plastic ball-point pens -> refillable or bamboo pens

Pens are a lot like hair bobbles. You buy a pack, and they all seem to disappear in just a few days! Then you go and buy more, until you find yourself with more pens than you know what to do with. Instead of having your office knee-deep in plastic pens, opt for a refillable one to keep at your desk. They come in many different colours, styles, and prices, and they’ll last for years! Or, if you’d rather find something even more affordable, sustainable bamboo pens are a great option!

2. Cling film -> beeswax wraps

While it’s convenient and easy to use, cling film does more harm than good to our planet. It’s made by melting tiny plastic pellets and other additives together, and once it’s used and thrown away, these tiny plastic pellets never fully break down. Instead, they end up in the ocean where they’re mistaken as food to be eaten by marine life (yuck!). To keep the plastic out of the ocean, try biodegradable beeswax wraps, which are all-natural, and most of all, cute! They come in many fun patterns and colours and are made with beeswax. They’re truly the bee’s knees! 

3. Single-use makeup wipes -> reusable makeup wipes

For an eco-friendly clean that’s kind to the skin, try swapping single-use makeup wipes for reusable ones. Once single-use wipes are thrown into the trash, they never really go away and instead break down into microplastics that end up in our oceans. Reusable makeup wipes are usually made with softer, more natural materials that last a long time and won’t hang around in a landfill. So now, you can feel your best while knowing you’re helping the environment!

4. Plastic toothbrush -> bamboo toothbrush

The modern plastic toothbrush was invented in the 1930s – sounds like a long time ago, huh? Lots of people have used (and thrown away) plastic toothbrushes since then. But did you know, every plastic toothbrush thrown away since the 1930s is still around somewhere today? It’s because they take around 400 years to decompose! But there’s a simple solution to the plastic toothbrush problem, and that’s bamboo. Once you’ve finished using your bamboo toothbrush, it only takes six months to decompose (that’s a big difference from 400 years!). They’ve become so popular you can now find them in big stores like Boots, but your neighbourhood eco-shop will have them as well. 

One step closer to a more sustainable planet

Try going room by room in your own home to see what plastic swaps you can make. With these easy changes, you’ll be saving plastic from entering our oceans and environments, and creating a cleaner, greener planet! So what are you going to swap today?

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