Meet Crag Spring Water

Written by The Modern Milkman

Say hello to Crag Spring Water, a family run business that bottles water so good, you’ll have to taste it to believe it. They add nothing to their H2O and instead bottle it straight from their natural spring! As a result, it’s classed as premium grade spring water and naturally full of minerals. Talk about refreshing!

Striking gold

Founder Doran actually stumbled upon the natural spring when he purchased the Crag Inn back in 2016. Since striking gold (ahem, water), he’s turned his business into a way of giving back to the land. It’s his way of saying thank you for providing such a special resource. All their water is delivered in reusable glass bottles complete with aluminium lids, which are correctly recycled once returned. Just like us, they don’t believe in using plastic, so you’ll never find it on any of their products.

Why we give them a solid 10 out of 10

Their returnable glass bottles mean a completely closed-loop system – so there’s no waste in the process! They even make sure all aluminium caps are correctly recycled, so they don’t end up in landfills. We absolutely love their commitment to the environment and the measures they have in place to continue operating sustainably. Not to mention, their water tastes like actual magic (no, really!).

Take a sip

If you’re looking for water that’s tasty and good for the environment, you have to try Crag Spring Water. You can order both still and sparkling water for your weekly order. Just remember to rinse and leave out your bottles (plus lids!) on your doorstep for our milkies to collect.

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