Litter Picking Competitions and Plastic Free Picnics

Written by The Modern Milkman

Let the litter picking begin

We’ve got loads of fun ideas to get you out of the house and feel good about saving plastic waste this summer – including litter picking competitions and plastic free picnic hacks. We’ve already had a litter pick with our own team to get the ball rolling, clearing a scenic canal bank near one of our hubs. The strangest find of the day was a mannequin’s leg, but there were plenty of the usual offenders, including cigarette butts and plastic fizzy drinks bottles – all of which were photographed, logged and put into custody (the skip), ready to be processed. In total, we picked 814 pieces of litter, of which 35% was plastic waste.

Logging litter like interpol’s most wanted

Keep Britain Tidy have reported they expect to see litter in our parks grow 35/50% year on year. But not on our watch. We’ve got a host of litter picking competitions planned throughout the summer, where we’ll be asking you to pick and log the litter using the Litterati app. Logging the litter will help us to trace the source of the waste and tell a story of what’s causing it and why. Litter folds under questioning every time. 

No more soggy butties wrapped in cling film

We’ve also extended our range to include more fizzy pop in glass bottles and more types of bread for your sandwiches, as well as a range of sweet treats, perfect for picnicking without plastic waste. Look out for our tips and tricks for a sustainable summer. All we need now is the weather!

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