Your guide to our litter picking competition

By The Modern Milkman on July 15th, 2021

As ever, thanks for getting involved

We have great respect for the work our community groups already do to bring people together. So we can’t thank you enough for sparing the time to get involved in our initiative to clean up this beautiful city. And the prize money is just our way of giving a little bit back to the community to show our gratitude.  

Competition details

Get your team to enter your unique code into the Literati app, ready for our big litter picking weekend. The more people who sign up with your code, the more likely you are to win. Only litter collected in the Manchester area on Saturday 31st July and Sunday 1st August will count towards your total. 

Safety first

Remember to wear suitable clothing when litter picking, i.e. not your Sunday best. And be sure to have safety gloves, hi-vis jackets, litter pickers and bin bags ready to collect the litter safely. If there’s anything you’re unsure about picking up, like needles and other sharp items, or anything that looks remotely toxic or unhygienic to handle, please err on the side of caution and leave it. 

Building a lean, mean, litter picking machine

It’s now over to you. You can build your dream team by downloading the shareable image provided and adding your unique code, before posting it on social media to drive sign up. You can also print off the poster supplied from the downloadable link below and put it up in your clubhouse, changing rooms, or wherever it is you all congregate, to generate as much interest as possible. On the days of the litter picking weekend, we’d recommend working in teams of two, with one person picking litter and the other taking pictures to log on the Litterati app. 

What is Litterati when it’s at home!?

Litterati is an app that allows litter pickers worldwide to photograph and tag the litter they collect to trace the source of the problem. This tracking creates accountability for litter and could help prevent the problem in the first place, instead of picking it up afterwards. It also allows us to see which of our community litter picking groups (including yourselves) have picked the most litter so we can crown a winner. On the weekend of the litter picking competition, we recommend you work in pairs, with one person picking litter whilst the other person snaps it on their phone through the app. Remember to tag the litter as you go or at the end.  

How your team members sign up

  • – Download the app with the QR code and sign up
  • – Go to challenges > Join > Join a challenge with a code
  • – Enter the unique code provided for your litter picking team

The winners will be announced on 6th August

The team who picks the most litter will be announced as the winners on 6th August – with a prize of 500 smackeroonies to be spent however they see fit! But, win or lose, we’ll have the satisfaction of knowing we’ve helped to improve our local area. On your marks. Get set. Go!!

Download your poster and shareable image below.

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