Help Your Kids Spread the Word About Sustainability

Written by Justin Thompson

There’s no need to Hulk up to become a green superhero in 2022

“Mummmmmm, why do we have to put paper in a separate bin to plastic?” “Dadddddd, why do we have different coloured wheelie bins?” “Grandmaaaaaa, what’s the point in composting?”

These are all questions you’ve probably faced during dinner or on the school run, but what if your little ones already knew the answers?

Sustainability is all about preserving resources for generations to come, and your kids will have much more fun recycling and acting sustainably if they understand the positive impact they’re having on our planet.

In 2021, we saved 272 tons of plastic from entering the ocean, the equivalent weight of thirty T-rexes! Help make sure single-use plastics go the way of the dinosaur, by sharing our January Children’s Corner activity with your little ones.

Our free downloadable worksheet provides the lowdown on the key terms and definitions your family needs to get the word out on sustainability and become even greener in 2022.

Children’s Word Search & wordplay

Set your children a fun challenge and put them in charge of finding all twelve eco-themed phrases in our word search, before matching them to their definitions.

Once you’ve had a go at our sustainability word search, and matching up the twelve eco-themed phrases to their definitions, you can check your answers using the sheet below.

Entertaining your little eco-warriors

Wondering what else you can do to teach your kids about saving the planet? Check out our other Children’s Corner activities:

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