Become a Greener You in 2022 With Our Oat Drink

Written by Morgan Egan

Are you one of the thousands who took the Veganuary pledge this month? Or are you just looking to add more plant-based ingredients to your meals? Either way, our oat drink is the perfect swap for those looking for an alternative to dairy. It’s made with only the finest ingredients, including British grown oats and filtered Lake District water. Plus, it’s delivered to your door in returnable glass bottles, so it’s a healthy, plant-based drink that helps the environment in more ways than one.

What are the benefits?

Our oat drink is fortified with extra vitamins and minerals like calcium, vitamin B-12, and vitamin D, making it a perfect start to a rainy, wintery day. Also, since oats have naturally high sugar content, there’s no added sugar or sweetener – our oat drink is sweet enough on its own. And oat’s high fibre content helps aid in healthy digestion while also making you feel fuller for longer. It’s amazing that for such a simple drink, it really packs a punch!

How to use it (besides in your brew)

If you’re familiar with non-dairy alternatives, you’ve probably already tried a splash of oat drink in your morning brew or cereal. But there’s so much more you can do with it! 

  1. 1. Start your day with oats

Because oats keep you fuller for longer, our oat drink is the perfect companion to any breakfast. Pour it in your oats for an oats-squared brekkie, blend it with fruit in a smoothie, or even add a touch to scrambled eggs to make them fluffy and extra delicious. Check out our overnight oats recipe to get ahead of the game.

  1. 2. Create creamy bevs

Our oat drink doesn’t just go great with a morning brew. It’s crafted specifically with coffee in mind, so it foams just like a regular latte! So use it for your morning pick-me-up, or whisk it with matcha for a dreamy, creamy matcha latte. 

  1. 3. Add to your soups

It’s currently soup season, and we’re guessing you’ve got something on the hob right now (we definitely do). Use our oat drink to create a creamy base for soups like cream of mushroom, leek and potato, or even warming butternut squash. 

  1. 4. Bake your heart out

Cakes, scones, banana bread – whatever baked treat you like to make, our oat drink is the perfect dairy-free ingredient to make it a stand-out. In addition, our drink’s light, oaty finish is the perfect complement to any baked good and will help make them light, fluffy, and delicious. 

Whether you’re new to our oat drink, or it’s a weekly staple, we’re sure you’ll agree it’s a delicious addition to any kitchen! 

Fancy a pint (or two) to try? 

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