Meet Oato 

Written by Justin Thompson

Give a ‘hip, hip, hooray’ to Oato, an oat drink maker whose oat drink is as wholesome as it is delicious. This could be because they only use whole British oats in their drink, as well as filtered water from the lake district. They also add extra vitamins and minerals to make their oat drink even more healthy and nutritious. And they’re delivered to your door in returnable glass bottles, so you can enjoy a fresh lactose-free drink all while saving the planet. 

A whole lotta Oato 

There’s a reason everyone loves Oato, and it’s not just because of their great-tasting oat drink. They’re a small, independent UK business whose mission is to help make our planet more sustainable. They want to provide existing milk rounds (like ours) with more plant-based options and use glass instead of the normal tetrapaks because they are reusable and plastic free. So, just like our dairy milk, you can leave out your rinsed oat drink bottles for our milkies to come collect, sanitise, and refill!  

Why we can’t get enough 

We love Oato’s commitment to sustainability and the fact that you can receive their fresh tasting oat drink right to your door in returnable glass bottles. Their oat drink is a true crowd pleaser, and is enjoyed by vegans, people who are lactose-free, and even dairy milk drinkers alike. It’s perfect for brews, cereal, smoothies, or even on its own, and it’s amazingly creamy, dreamy, and tasty.  

Try a pint (or two) 

Just login to your account and add a pint to your milk round and see why everyone’s so obsessed. Whether you’re new to dairy free milk alternatives, or already have a few staples, you’ll find Oato’s oat drink will top the list.  

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