Meet Alston Dairy

Written by Justin Thompson

Say hello to Alston Dairy, makers of the most luxurious yoghurt we’ve ever tasted (and believe us, we’ve tasted a lot!). They’re all about providing the best yoghurt with the freshest ingredients, starting with milk from their own dairy cows! The yogurts come in glass jars that are delivered to your doorstep which we then collect to be recycled. How cool is that? At the moment, our yoghurt is only available in some areas, but don’t worry, we’re working really hard to make it available for more milkrounds

Dessert for breakfast

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a yoghurt that’s as delicious as Alston Dairy‘s. It’s sweetened with all-natural fruit juice, but you wouldn’t know it – their yoghurt tastes like an indulgent dessert! And it has all come from the mind of founder Ann Forshaw herself! Through her tenacity and passion, Alston Dairy has become synonymous with amazing, high-quality yoghurt. And when you add Alston Dairy yoghurt to your order, you’ll find they’re delivered in glass jars. Plastic-free and delicious yoghurt? Sign us up!

Why we’re obsessed

Alston Dairy is committed to using only the finest ingredients for their yoghurt. From fresh fruit and juice for flavour and sweetness to farm-fresh milk straight from their dairy cows, Alston Dairy yoghurt is as fresh as it’s delicious. But they’re environmentally conscious as well! At the moment, when you’re finished with your yoghurt jars, you can leave them on your doorstep (just like your milk bottles) to be collected by our milkies. We’ll then take them to be properly recycled. In the future, we’d like to create the facilities to have them washed, sterilized and reused just like our milk bottles. So watch out! Return and reuse yoghurt jars are in our future. 

Try them yourself

Log in to your account and order yoghurt for your milkround and see what all the fuss is about. Choose from blueberry and blackcurrant, strawberry and rhubarb, peach and apricot, and natural whole milk to be delivered right to your doorstep. We’re so excited for you to try them!

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