Christmas treats for all the family

Written by The Modern Milkman

Sweet treats delivered to your door

It must be Christmas! We’ve got handmade mince pies with brandy butter or cream, brownie pudding bites, and cranberry and orange flapjacks baked to perfection. You could even say you cooked them yourself. We’ve also got a retro selection of sweets from your Christmas past, including Cola Cubes, Pear Drops, and Rhubarb and Custard that you can share with the kids, or not (bar humbug!).

They’re not sugar-free, but they’re plastic free

Our sweet bakes come in recyclable brown paper bags, while our brandy butter and cream come in glass bottles and jars that you can keep or recycle, and our sweets come in retro glass jars that are perfect for refilling with penny chews, foam bananas, or money from the tooth fairy.

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