What to Put in a Christmas Treat Box

Written by The Modern Milkman

Santa doesn’t have to be the only one delivering the goods this Christmas. So if you’re wanting to treat your loved ones to a festive box of sweet, sweet goodies, why not put together a Christmas treat box? One filled with enough deliciously chocolatey gifts to make Scrooge think twice about Christmas!

If you’re wondering what to put in a Christmas treat box, we’ve got plenty of suggestions. Take a look at our sweet treats delivery options and get ready to deck the halls with bells and brownies this Christmas.

Sweet treats for all the family

Santa’s ‘good list’ is pretty long, but our ‘goodies’ list is just as lengthy! It must be Christmas because we’ve got Mince pies and Christmas puddings galore! But that’s not all, our Shortbread stars and Gingerbread stars are the shining beacons guiding you straight to our milkround! If you think your loved one has more of a taste for chocolate, our selection of brownies including 2 Triple chocolate brownies, 4 Brown and blond triple chocolate brownies and more are just waiting to be devoured!

They’re not sugar-free, but they’re plastic free

Christmas is all about enjoying deliciously sweet guilt-free treats and they just taste so much better when you don’t have to panic about waste. Each of our sweet bakes come in recyclable brown paper bags, while our brandy butter and cream come in glass bottles and jars that you can either keep or recycle.

Join our milkround

Now you know exactly what to put in a Christmas treat box, let’s get ordering! 

Your local milkie may not have a big white beard or a belly full of biscuits, but they work just as hard to make your Christmas special! Get started now by signing up, placing at least one repeat order and choosing your delivery days! We drop our range of deliciously fresh groceries and household essentials on your doorstep up to three times a week. Whether you’re relying on our coffee subscription to keep you warm on the cold winter mornings or need a veg delivery just in time for the big day, we make every delivery day feel like Christmas.

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