Six reasons to Back British Farmers

Written by The Modern Milkman

Here at Modern Milkman we pride ourselves on actively backing British farming. It’s a huge part of what we do, delivering local goods to local people.

British farmland accounts for a third of the UK. We often underestimate the value of our farmland when we hear it discussed in the news. A declining farming industry would mean our treasured greenery and outstanding landscape we proudly admire would diminish.

There are many reasons to back British farming. Here’s a starter for…..six:

  1. British farmers provide us with high quality, safe and affordable produce: 86% of UK consumers have expressed a want for more traceable produce in their stores. With some great assurance schemes, British farmers can provide that.
  2. Farmers protect and enhance our iconic countryside. They really are the stewards of our iconic British countryside which are adored by us all and visited by so many. Lets support those who maintain it for us.
  3. The British farming industry is worth £120 billion to our UK economy. Supporting British farming is looking after our own priorities; a healthy economy serves us all.
  4. British farmers have world leading welfare standards. Win.
  5. The industry creates 4 million UK based jobs. In a time of such a high level of competition for employment across the UK, farming carries a huge amount of job responsibility on its back.
  6. British farms are a great producer of renewable energy.

So, there they are. Six key points behind backing British farming. The the industry ensures safe and high quality produce for us all, protects our beautiful scenic land, puts £120 billion pounds into our economy and employs 4 million people across the UK and oh yeah its solving the renewable energy problem we’re having, enough reason to run down to back British farmers, eh?

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