Summer Mocktail Recipes

Written by Justin Thompson

We’re sharing our four favourite mocktail recipes using ingredients you can order from your milkround! So, why mocktails, you ask? We’d like everyone to enjoy these refreshing and delicious drinks, which is why we made them with no alcohol. But don’t worry, we’ve added alcohol pairings in case it’s 5 o’clock where you are.  

Garden Party Mocktail 

Taste: Fragrant, tart, and sweet. Makes you feel like you’re the main character in your fave period-drama. 

Adults-only: Add a splash of gin 


128g sugar 

250ml water 

3 sprigs of rosemary 

250ml orange juice 

330ml cranberry juice drink 

500ml cream soda 


  1. 1. First make your simple syrup. Pour your sugar and water into a saucepan over medium heat and stir until the sugar is dissolved. Add in your sprigs of rosemary and allow the syrup to steep for one to two hours.  
  1. 2. Once the simple syrup is steeped, put it in your refrigerator until it’s ready to use. 
  1. 3. Take a pitcher and add the orange juice, cranberry juice, and cream soda together. Pour into cocktail glasses. For each glass, stir in two tablespoons of the rosemary simple syrup. 
  1. 4. Enjoy! 

Refreshing Picnic Mocktail 

Taste: Cooling, sweet, and floral. It’s the cottage core mocktail of your dreams. 

Adults-only: add a splash of gin 


75ml elderflower cordial 

1L apple juice 

Handful of mint leaves, roughly chopped 

1 pint of sparkling water 


  1. 1. In a pitcher, pour the elderflower cordial and apple juice together and mix well.  
  1. 2. Add in the mint leaves and give it another good mix. 
  1. 3. Pour the drink into a glass, filling up halfway. Top up with sparkling water and enjoy! 

Summertime Punch 

Taste: Fruity, sweet, and tangy. For those summer nights you just don’t want to end.  

Adults-only: add a splash of vodka 


8-10 strawberries, sliced 

½ orange, sliced 

½ lemon, sliced 

Handful of mint leaves 

Large handful of ice 

500ml pineapple juice 

300ml orange juice 

300ml lemonade 


  1. 1. Place the fruit, mint and ice in a pitcher.  
  1. 2. Pour in the juice and lemonade and give it a good mix. 
  1. 3. Enjoy! 

Virgin Piña Colada 

Taste: Creamy, sweet, refreshing. Make your escape by sipping on this piña colada (but don’t get caught in the rain!). 

Adults-only: add a splash of rum 


200g pineapple chunks 

150ml diet pineappleade 

100ml coconut cream 

1 large handful of ice 


  1. 1. Place all the ingredients in a blender, and blend for a solid 30 seconds (or until desired consistency). 
  1. 2. Serve in a glass and enjoy! 

We hope you enjoy these delicious mocktails! Still need the ingredients? Why not take a look at our soft drinks and fruit juices, they’re the perfect mocktail mixers.

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