Flowers to Plant for a Bee-Friendly Garden

Written by Morgan Egan

Have you heard the buzz surrounding bees? These critters are more than just fuzzy little insects in your garden, they’re a vital part of the world’s ecosystem and they need your help! Create a bee-friendly garden by planting flowers that both you, and the bees, will love. 

Why are bees important? 

For such small creatures, bees play an incredibly important role to our planet. Their primary job is to pollinate flowers, which helps the plants grow and reproduce to create more plants. But we’re not just talking about daffodils and bluebells, bees also pollinate the flowers for important food crops too. It’s estimated that 75% of the world’s crops depend on pollinators – from almonds and apples, to strawberries, squashes, and even coffee. Imagine not being able to start the day with your morning brew?  

Not to mention, all the trees, flowers, and shrubs bees pollinate create a diverse habitat for lots of animals and insects to live in and thrive. 

Long story short, bees are incredibly important. 

Give bees a helping hand 

Unfortunately, bee populations have been in decline over recent years due to habitat loss, pesticides, and climate change. But we can help! 

Your garden is the perfect space to create a safe, food-rich haven for bees. Even a small patio can be a great place to plant some bee-friendly flowers for them to pollinate. Not sure which flowers to choose? Keep reading to learn about our picks for a bee-friendly garden. 


Not only does this flower smell amazing, but it’s also a great addition to your bee-friendly garden. Bees can see the colour purple more easily than any other colour, which makes Lavendar a great pick for your garden. 

Winter honeysuckle 

While bees are most active in the summertime, there are a few species that are around during the winter too. Give your winter garden a bit of beautiful fragrance, while providing a great source of food to bees by planting winter honeysuckle.  


Did you know bees love the flowering tops of herbs? Kitchen favourites like thyme, rosemary, chives, and sage make great pollen rich choices for your garden and provide wonderfully fragrant plants you can use in your own kitchen.  

English bluebell 

Bees absolutely love English bluebells, which carry rich nectar and pollen. They do well in shady areas, which is great if your garden or patio doesn’t get much sun.  


This flower is especially important to bees with long tongues, like the carder bee. The colourful petals attract the bee to the plant, and the long tube shape of the flower gives the bee a place to land before gathering up the nectar and pollen.  

How to care for your bee-friendly garden 

Your flowering garden is the perfect place to use your compost, as it gives the flowers vital nutrients to let them grow and thrive. As well, you and your little ones can create a bee hotel for bees to nest in. Soon your garden will be a true haven for bees! 

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