Sunny Fruit Salad Recipe 

Written by Justin Thompson

Have you traded in your jumpers for vests yet? Okay, so it might be a little soon, but the sun’s definitely making more of an appearance, and the days are starting to heat up! Soon we’ll be enjoying plenty of picky bits in the garden while soaking up the sun’s rays.  

And you know what pairs perfectly with picky bits? A fruit salad, of course! They’re fresh, tasty, and can be modified with your favourite fruits, so each bite is just as good as the last. So we’re here to give you our favourite fruit salad recipe and some tips on turning it from great to absolutely delicious. And, since we have a wide range of fresh fruit that can be ordered from your milkround, you don’t have to worry about taking a trip to the shops to enjoy it.  

What you’ll need:  

1 apple  

2 kiwis  

1 pear  

1 orange   

About 1/3 of a pineapple  

What to do:  

Chop up your fruits. Make sure they’re roughly the same size so that you can get a more balanced taste.  

Place into a bowl and leave in the refrigerator until it’s time to serve to keep it cool and fresh!  

Top tips!  

  1. 1. Mix it up  

The great thing about fruit salads is that you can put whatever you like in them. So don’t be afraid to use any other fruits you’d like to try.  

  1. 2. Make it as sweet as summer  

Want to make the fruit flavours really pop? Add a drizzle of honey to your fruit salad and turn it into an even sweeter treat!  

Herbs aren’t just for savoury meals  

If you’d like to add a different spin to your fruit salads, why not add a herb? For example, add a sprig of mint to make it taste fresh and crisp, or even a few basil leaves for a lovely twist.  

  1. 3 Keep it zingy  

No one likes it when fruit turns brown. Keep it fresh by adding a bit of acidic juice, like orange! Just squeeze a bit onto your fruit, and it’ll stay looking fresh while you enjoy it.   

  1. 4. Gve it an extra oomph!  

Still craving a fruit salad that’s taken to the next level? Create a simple syrup using sugar, water, and vanilla to pour over your salad to add a bit more flavour. Or, mix vanilla and Greek yoghurt to pour over your fruit to turn it into a creamy pudding.   

We hope this helps you create the best fruit salad of the season! And while you’re enjoying your fresh fruit, why not try our delicious juice drinks as well? We have apple, orange, tropical, and cranberry, which are best enjoyed out in the garden on a sunny day. 

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