What Is The Best Plant Based Milk For Tea?

Written by The Modern Milkman

With more and more people taking the leap towards veganism and plant based produce, interest in dairy free ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​alternatives is at an all-time high. But with so many dairy-free options to choose from, each perfect for a unique range of purposes, making the move to plant-based isn’t always as black and white as it seems. At the end of the day, everyone has their own personal taste and preferences when it comes to dairy substitutes and it can take time to work out what works best for you! 

But what is the best plant based milk for tea? Let’s dive in and find out which dairy-free alternative is well…your cup of tea! Whether you settle on an oat drink, coconut milk, soy milk or almond milk, you can wipe that ‘milk’ moustache clean and thank us later!

Pouring tea from a pot to a mug

Is Oat drink the best plant based milk for tea?

The perfect dairy substitute for a cup of tea, the oat drink is a subtle, yet creamy and delicious alternative to cows’ milk. Don’t believe us? Join our milk delivery service and try out our Oat drink by Oato – a Lancashire-based company that isn’t afraid to go against the grain when it comes to vegan dairy alternatives. 

Does Oat drink change the taste of tea?

When it comes to plant based alternatives, oat drink tends to be a fan-favourite coupled with tea. With its neutral taste, capable of slightly toning down the bitterness of tea, oat drink perfectly complements your drink and creates a deliciously balanced beverage. So, like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible, oat drink can seamlessly enter your cuppa without bringing too much attention to itself and is happy to let your tea do the tea-ing.

When steamed, oat drink also produces a smooth and velvety microfoam which doesn’t curdle when boiled, giving your tea a soft and luxurious latte-like texture.

Is Oat drink good for you?

By shopping for oat drinks, Mother Nature isn’t the only one reaping the rewards – your health is too! 

  • Completely free from dairy, the oat drink is a lactose intolerant dream.. 
  • Oat​​​​​​​​​​ drink is also stacked with plenty of fibre, promoting gut health, and making sure your meals go down nice and easy, all whilst boosting your immune system! 
  • Low in saturated fats and cholesterol-free, oat drink is also beneficial for your heart health, and a happy heart equals a happy body.

Looking for even more information on oat drink benefits for you? Check out our sustainability blog for plenty of eco-friendly tips and tricks.

Is Coconut Milk the best plant based milk for tea

Coconut most definitely has a distinct taste which can be quite divisive – just think of the annual Bounty debate that happens every time someone opens a box of ‘Celebrations’ at Christmas.

Does coconut milk change the taste of tea?

Unlike oat drinks, coconut milk certainly likes to make its presence known! So if you’re keen to take a sip of the sunny tropics in your pyjamas on the living room couch, a coconut milk tea might be the one for you. 

With its sweet and nutty taste, coconut milk can add a unique depth to your cuppa’s flavour. Whether you prefer Everyday decaf tea or even Green tea, there are endless flavourful combinations to be had with coconut milk. So if you fancy trying something new, you’d have to be coco-nuts to pass this combo by.

Is coconut milk good for you?

Whilst best drunk in moderation, there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself to a warm cup of coconutty goodness every once in a while. And despite not necessarily being the healthiest dairy alternative, coconut milk still boasts a broad range of health benefits.

  • – Ideal for those who daren’t go near dairy, coconut milk is also completely lactose-free!
  • – Coconuts contain large amounts of fatty acids, which, hear us out, can have excellent health benefits. Coconut milk is kind of the Rocky Balboa of the milk world – fighting off a range of disease-causing organisms with its antimicrobial properties.
  • – Coconut milk is also jam-packed with essential vitamins and nutrients like iron, magnesium and potassium. 

Is soy milk the best plant milk for tea?

Wondering if soy milk and tea are soy-mates? Let’s find out. 

Does soy milk change the taste of tea?

Soy milk has a clear nutty and almost bean-like taste which is often noticeable in tea. However, these accents can create a unique flavour profile that many people enjoy. With so many variations of tea available, why not experiment with soy milk and find out what works best for you? 

Is soy milk good for you?

A popular choice for those hitting the gym and trying to up their protein intake, there are plenty of reasons why soy milk is good for you:

  • – Have you spotted a pattern yet? Yes, soy milk is also a completely dairy-free plant based drink, making it safe for the lactose-intolerant.
  • – In terms of protein contribution, soy milk is considered to be the closest alternative to cows’ milk. It thereby offers plenty of essential vitamins and nutrients, as well as the amino acids needed for repair and the strength of our immune systems.
  • – Soy milk is particularly low in saturated fats and has several heart-protective properties – thanks to its high number of unsaturated fats.

Is almond milk the best plant based milk for tea?

Nuts about almond milk? We get it. There are plenty of reasons it’s one of the most popular plant based milks across the world. A favourite of high-street coffee shops, there’s no doubt that almond milk belongs in your tea!

Does almond milk change the taste of tea?

With its nutty, yet sweet, taste, almond milk can subtly compliment the flavour of tea, particularly for those of us who take sugar. But for those of us who are already sweet enough, you’d maybe be better off trying oat or soy, first. But don’t discount almond milk entirely, it might not be for everyone but those who like it, love it. Worth an experiment, we think.

Is almond milk good for you?

Despite being low in fibre, almond milk is undeniably nutritious and packs plenty of health benefits!

  • – You guessed it! Almond milk is entirely lactose-free, too! 
  • – Almond milk is also low in calories compared to cows’ milk and other non-dairy alternatives. 
  • – Filled with healthy fats, almond milk may also benefit the health of your heart.

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