How to Build Your Milk Box 

Written by The Modern Milkman

Made from double insulated, 100% recyclable and home-compostable cardboard, our fancy new milkbox is the most efficient and affordable way to beat the heat with your doorstep deliveries.  

Six steps to building your milkbox 

Follow our instructions to keep your plastic free produce chillin’ in a box, chillin’ in a cardboard box. 

  1. 1. Fold the sides of your pack and slot together the locking tabs. 
  2. 2. Fold the base flap with the notch inside the pack. Then, fold over the “wings” on the other flap and fold to make the base. 
  3. 3. From the inside, fold the “wings” open before folding the notched flap down. This locks in the base of the pack. 
  4. 4. Fold over the top flaps. 
  5. 5. To form the hood, fold the sides and flaps then the double fold at the front. 
  6. 6. Fold down the hood. The pack is now complete and ready to go! 

“I’ve built it. What next?” 

Once you’ve constructed your milkbox, complete these steps to get it up and running and protecting your plastic free products:  

  1. 1. Place an ice pack or metal bottle half-filled with frozen water inside of your milkbox.   
  2. 2. Put the milkbox on your doorstep the night before your next delivery. And don’t forget to update your delivery instructions! 
  3. 3. Leave your empties on the outside. Your milkbox is VIP-only (Very Important Produce). 
  4. 4. Your milkie will collect your empties and place your tasty new groceries in the milkbox, ready for you to bring back indoors in the morning. 

Read our guide for more tips on how to keep your milk cool on your doorstep

Great for you, your deliveries, and the planet! 

Unlike plastic, cardboard doesn’t last forever. This makes it much better for the environment, but does mean your cardboard milkbox will last roughly 2-4 weeks before it’s defeated by condensation. 

However, once your milkbox becomes an ex-box (and not the fun video game type), you can chuck it straight in your recycling or cut it up and put it in your home compost, because it’s made of 100% cardboard! 

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