Children’s Recycling Activity 

Written by Justin Thompson

Do you and your family recycle at home? Are you looking to learn more about recycling correctly? Recycling is a great way to reduce waste and give materials a new life instead of being placed directly into landfill. 

What’s the crack with recycling? 

Shouldn’t we just pop everything into our regular bin? Heck no!  

While recycling isn’t the answer to our waste problem, it is definitely a step in the right direction. 

If we recycle our waste correctly, that means more of it can be reused, which means less need for virgin materials and less waste thrown into landfill.  

How good are we at recycling? 

Well, there’s always room for improvement. And we need a lot of it.  

  • We’re only recycling 3% more than we did in 2010
  • 85% of UK households put the wrong items in their recycling bins 
  • 44% of Brits mistakenly believe that the recycling centre will sort through any rubbish that doesn’t belong there and will recycle it on their behalf 

So how can we improve? 

While we’d love to give a definitive list on what you can and can’t recycle, it gets a bit complicated as each council has their own set of recycling rules. 

The best way to figure out what to recycle? Research it! 

Have you and your family go on your local council’s website and note what you can and can’t recycle. Just visit this website to find out your local council rules. Or, download the Scrapp app and scan items in your house to see if they can be recycled in your area.  

Then, download and print out our worksheet below and have your kids draw in all the waste that can be put into the bin. At the end, your little ones will have a fun drawing, and your family will have a colourful reminder on what you can recycle!  

Download our worksheet to get started. 

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