Meet The Bread Factory

Written by The Modern Milkman

Give a big round of applause to The Bread Factory, a bakery that’s adding new meaning to the word ‘artisan’. All of their baked goods are handmade, which means everything is hand-rolled, hand-shaped, and packed by hand using recyclable kraft paper bags. How handy is that? 

Hand-crafted, artisan goodness

If you want to experience true artisan craftsmanship, just take one bite of their Sanetra sourdough. This sourdough is named after their master baker and made using a 29-year-old starter! So what’s a sourdough starter, you ask? It’s basically fermented dough, which gives the bread its classic tangy taste – and the older the starter, the better tasting the bread! And their artisan goods don’t stop there. From pastries made with rich, creamy butter to brownies made with bespoke flour and cocoa powder, The Bread Factory’s baked goods are more than just a treat. They’re a work of art!

Why we give them a perfect score

The Bread Factory’s products are truly a labour of love, with tons of passion and creativity poured in! They want to create a unique experience for their customers – starting from their artisan baked goods, right down to their fully recyclable kraft paper packaging. 

Experience their artisan baked goods for yourself

From their signature Sanatra sourdough, to their fresh pastries and tasty brownies, The Bread Factory has everything you need to turn your week from ordinary to extraordinary! Try them yourself and discover your new favourite baked treat.

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