Power of Influence: The 4ocean Story 

Written by Justin Thompson

Here at Modern Milkman, we have a soft spot for the ocean. It’s because of David Attenborough’s Blue Planet series that our founders began their journey to help the fight against plastic waste.  

The same goes for 4ocean, a business with a purpose. They’re all about fighting the plastic waste problem, and are helping to clean the ocean, one pound of plastic at a time.

Who are 4ocean? 

Based in sunny Florida, 4ocean are a business on a mission to help solve the ocean’s plastic waste crisis. How? Through a simple, yet elegant 4ocean bracelet.  

You see, every bracelet purchased funds the removal of one pound of trash in the ocean (that’s about 0.45 kg for us Brits). But they don’t just sell the bracelet and then let someone else do the dirty work. Nope, they do it all themselves.  

They have entire clean-up crews working seven days a week in Indonesia, Guatemala, Haiti and Florida to help accomplish their mission. And this isn’t just some after-school beach cleanup. They also have over 25 vessels and a couple of river boom systems to get the job done.  

And all of this started with a simple idea and a need to help the ocean. 

How 4ocean was born 

Founders Alex and Andrew were on a surfing trip in Bali when they first noticed the problem. After surfing on a beach full of plastic, the founders asked a lifeguard, ‘How come no one is cleaning up?’  

The lifeguard replied, ‘Oh we clean it up every morning, there’s just so much in the ocean that it just keeps washing back up.’ 

That’s when it dawned on them. The ocean needed their help. But instead of just raising money for another charity, they decided to create a business that directly funds ocean cleanup. And so, 4ocean began. 

Inspiring change one pound of plastic at a time 

4ocean was founded on the belief that a business can be a force for good, and that the single actions of individuals can, collectively, change the world.  

And through their work, they’ve helped do just that. 

Since 4ocean started in 2017, they’ve recovered 10,105,673 kilograms of rubbish (and counting) from the ocean and coastlines. Did your jaw just drop too?  

They also understand that cleaning up the plastic is just the beginning, and not the final solution. That’s why they also put a big emphasis on education and help teach others about the importance of reducing their reliance on plastic, and how ordinary people like us can help the plastic crisis. 

And they’re not just kind to the planet, they’re kind to their own crew too. They hire people who are in the communities they serve and pay them a fair wage, as well as health insurance and other benefits.  

What happens to the plastic when it’s recovered? 

Saving the planet doesn’t stop when the plastic is out of the ocean, and 4ocean knows this too. All the plastic is taken to their local facilities where the waste is weighed, documented, and sorted. 

Then, depending on the type of plastic, it’s either turned into new 4ocean products or taken to a local recycling facility where they’re recycled into things like plastic lumber. 

When they’ve used up every other option, the plastic that’s at the very end of its lifecycle is taken to the Solid Waste Authority in West Palm Beach, Florida. But this isn’t any ordinary waste facility. It’s one of the most advanced, efficient, and low-emission waste management facilities in the United States, which turns the plastic into energy that powers thousands of homes and businesses in the community.  

See? Told you they know what they’re doing. 

How you can make an impact 

4ocean was started by two surfers who wanted to create a change. Imagine the impact you can make too!  

Now we’re not saying you should drop everything and start an ocean cleaning business (though that would be cool). There are so many things you can do in your own home that can make a difference. 

Take your own plastic saving score. YOU did that. Not anyone else. Now imagine if your friend also saves as much plastic as yourself – that’s double the plastic saved! Now imagine if it’s your friend and your parents, or even your entire neighbourhood! That’s a crazy amount of plastic saved.  

Continue to multiply and something that’s absolutely fantastic turns into something truly remarkable.  

Want to join the fight against waste? Begin your milkround and start counting the amount of plastic you prevent from entering our oceans.  

Already signed up and enjoying our scrumptiously sustainable produce? Good for you! Have you tried referring us to your loved ones to further increase your positive impact? Remember, recommending your milkround is mending the planet! 

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