Community Composting Competition Winners

Written by The Modern Milkman

Community composting competition winners! 

Congratulations to our community composting champions, Tickhill St. Mary’s Primary School. They collected an incredible 8,992 scraps, which proved too much for the other schools to keep up with. Talk about piling on the pressure! As promised, an oversized novelty cheque (bank transfer) for £3,000 is winging its way to them to spend on an eco-initiative of their choice. And these budding ecologists already have plans to spend the money on investing in solar and wind power to get electricity for their forest school. That calls for jelly and ice cream all round! 

Head teacher, Janet Sanderson, said “We are delighted to have won the Modern Milkman composting competition! This event
really engaged the children, staff and parents and our compost bin filled up in record time. The children enjoyed recording the amount of waste brought in and this was a good chance to use their maths skills in an everyday situation.

“We hope to use our prize money to investigate solar and/or wind power to get electricity to our Forest School cabin. This will continue to teach the children about sustainability and renewable energy.

“Thank you, Modern Milkman!”

We had heaps of fun! 
Twenty primary schools participated in our competition. And as well as helping to reduce their parents’ kitchen scraps, they learnt how organic matter breaks down and about the microorganisms and creepy crawlies that make it happen (Wow, ewww!!!). We hope this competition will spark an interest in ecology and inspire children to find more ways to reduce waste at home.  

Learn more about composting 
If you’d like to learn more about composting, we’ve got loads of useful blogs with information and tips to help turn your bins to blooms. Your kids might enjoy getting involved, too! 

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