Meet Geldard Farm: Pioneers of Free Range Eggs 

Written by Justin Thompson

We can’t deny it – our eggs are special.  

Now, it’s not just because they’re farm fresh, full of golden yolks, and downright delicious. Though that does help. The real reason why they’re so special, is that they come from suppliers who are absolutely amazing at what they do.  

One of these egg suppliers is Geldard, a family run farm that’s been harnessing the key to amazing eggs for the past 30 years. 

Their secret? Happy, free range hens! 

Free range from the start 

Geldard has been a pioneer in free-range since they started their farm in the 80’s. They even built the UK’s first commercial free range chicken shed! So, when it comes to free range eggs, they’re your people to go to. 

As well, their hens are extremely well cared for, and they work round the clock to make sure their flock is healthy and happy. Now, we don’t speak chicken, but we can imagine they’d give their farm 5 gold stars. 

An all-around sustainable farm 

When it comes to providing the best eggs, Geldard doesn’t just stop at happy hens.  

Their entire farm is run on sustainable practices, to ensure their hens are receiving the best care, and they are helping the planet in every way they can. 

Most of their energy comes from solar power right on their own farm! As well, they’ve taken part in environmental initiatives like planting trees, creating wildlife corridors and restoring hedgerows. Because of them, their farm is a place full of biodiversity and sustainable energy! 

Full of good eggs 

We can’t help but be inspired by Geldard and their unique way of producing free range eggs and running their farm. While they were a pioneer of free range eggs in the 80’s, their sustainable attitude is what’s setting the stage today for a greener tomorrow.  

A golden brekkie 

Try our free range eggs and experience gold yolks and all-around great vibes. It’s the perfect start to a sunny morning, and is sure to bring a smile to your face. 

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