Marine Pollution and How To Help 

Written by Justin Thompson

The ocean holds a special place in our hearts. Not just because it’s amazing, but because it was the reason our founders started Modern Milkman in the first place. After watching David Attenborough’s Blue Planet, it was more apparent than ever that the ocean needed our help. But exactly how bad is marine pollution? And what can we do to fix it? Don’t worry, we’ll get to both answers shortly. 

The ocean’s plastic waste crisis 

Much like the litter you find on your streets and parks, the ocean is experiencing its own litter problem too. Here are some facts: 

  • 11 million tons of plastic waste enters our oceans each year 
  • It is estimated that by 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean 
  • In the Asia-Pacific region alone, there’s 11.1 billion pieces of plastic tangled within the coral reefs 
  • The famous Pacific Garbage Patch is almost 620,000 square miles – that’s twice the size of Texas, or 5.6 times the size of the UK!  
  • A plastic bag was found in the Mariana Trench – aka, the deepest point in the ocean – becoming the deepest known piece of trash found 
  • In the Deep-Sea Dive database, the most prevalent type of trash found in the ocean was single-use plastic 
  • It’s estimated that 60% of all seabird species have eaten plastic, with that percentage increasing to 99% by 2050.  

How we help with marine pollution

The plastic waste crisis is a big problem, but it’s not completely hopeless. Our sustainable groceries stop plastic from ever entering your wheelie bin, which means no plastic gets into landfills or oceans.  

We also have our glass bottles, which are returned and reused over and over again. Instead of single-use plastic that gets used and tossed, our glass bottles are reused and refilled instead of going straight into the bin.  

This cycle of production to doorstep and back to production is called a closed-loop system. This means everything is reused and nothing is being produced to then be immediately thrown away.  

So, while our glass bottles are a nod to the past, they serve a bigger purpose than just a reminder of the good ol’ days. And they aren’t just used for milk either. Our return and reuse bottles also hold milkshakes, fruit juices, soft drinks, household products, and tea and coffee. So many possibilities! 

<How can you help the plastic crisis and reduce marine pollution?

By choosing to buy sustainable groceries, you’re helping the planet, and our oceans, become less infested with plastic. But what are some other ways you can help the ocean’s plastic crisis? 

  • Teach your kiddos about the importance of reducing your plastic consumption! Your family will love our DIY Eggshell Planter and Sneaky Plastic activities.  
  • Try to see how much plastic you consume in your home and think of plastic free alternatives you can use instead. While you’re at it, get involved with Greenpeace’s Big Plastic Count
  • Try to reduce other types of household waste when you can, such as food waste – you can even try your hand at composting

 Each glass bottle you finish is one less plastic bottle that’s tossed into the landfill or the ocean.  

And that’s just one person. Imagine if your whole neighborhood was able to make the switch to glass bottles.  Now imagine if your neighborhood got their family and friends to also make the switch. The more people decide to make a sustainable change, the bigger the change becomes, and soon the world becomes a much greener place to live in. And it’s nice when the change is delivered right to your doorstep too. 

The next generation 

Are your kiddos excited about helping the planet? Get them to take part in our Message on a Bottle competition, where they can submit a piece of their own eco-friendly artwork which may be selected to appear on our very one milk bottles!  

No matter if your child is a budding Matise or Jackson Pollock, their artwork will be featured on our Facebook gallery for all to gaze at so let your child’s imagination run wild. For more information, check out our Message on a Bottle competition page. 

Join our milkround

Help us do our bit to protect the environment and reduce marine pollution by signing up for our sustainable fresh produce delivery service. Find out more about how the magic happens or get started by creating at least one repeat weekly order and choosing your preferred delivery dates. One of our milkies will be over before you know it! You can rely on us to deliver deliciously fresh grocery essentials as often as three times a week. So, what are you waiting for?

Message on a Bottle Competition 

Thanks to everyone who took part in our Message on a Bottle competition. It’s been incredible, but entries have now closed, and it’s time to pick a winner! And we need your help shortlisting the artwork to pick our winner from.

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