How To Keep Your Milk Cool on Your Doorstep 

Written by Ollie Wilkinson

how to beat the heat

We stick your produce where the sun don’t shine. No not there. We’re talking about cool boxes, milk huts, bread bins and anywhere else the heat can’t get to! 

Wondering how to keep your doorstep deliveries cool and calm, and your empties collected? Follow our guide to beat the heat*! 

*We apologise in advance if this blog jinxes the weather and it’s snowing as you read this. 

We drop it like it’s hot 

We’ve all been there. You look out the window and see the faintest hint of sunshine, with the hushed word on the news talking of a heatwave coming our way. The excitement bubbles beneath the thick layer of weather-themed pessimism living in England has given us. You can’t help but let the optimism wash over you as you start planning BBQs and shopping for shorts and sunglasses. 

And then you remember: your milkround is arriving tomorrow, with temperatures set to soar to the dizzy heights of 20 degrees! How will you ever keep your milk chilled and protect your farmhouse butter from melting on your doorstep? 

Fear not, summer lovers. Because our milkies are the heroes your milkround needs and deserves this summer.  

How to keep your produce as cool and chilled as The Fonz 

Here are three ways you can protect your eco-friendly groceries from hungry critters and beaming sunshine… 

  1. 1. Treat your milk like a bottle of Bollinger 

Anything from a champagne bucket to a builders bucket will do. Just make sure you add some ice packs or a frozen metal water bottle!

  1. 2. If the sun’s got his hat on, time to get your hut on 

Our plastic free milk boxes give your sustainable groceries a proper place in the sun, keeping them safe from heat and ready to eat! 

  1. 3. As cold as ice, with no sacrifice 

Leave a box or container on your doorstep and insert an ice pack, cool block or half-filled frozen metal water bottle. Avoid glass, as this may crack. And be careful not to overfill containers when freezing, as water expands when it turns to ice! 

Feel free to improvise! 

In the past couple of years, we’ve asked people to share their ideas for keeping milk cool on the doorstep. The response was brilliant, and some of your ideas were ingenious, so we’ve decided to do the same again this year.  

Please share your milk cooler ideas on our social channels – the more eco-friendly, the better! But don’t go too far. As committed as our milkies are, we don’t want them climbing trees, braving dog houses, or digging in the undergrowth! 

Milk Cool Customer Idea

How to update your delivery instructions 

If you’re adding a container or changing the location of your doorstep deliveries, please update this info in your Modern Milkman account by following these simple steps: 

  1. 1. Login to your account 
  2. 2. Select your profile area and click “My account” in the drop drown
  3. 3. Click “Delivery details”, this will take you to your delivery details page
Updating delivery instructions step 1
Updating delivery instructions step 2
  1. 4. Make sure the “Yes” option is selected for the question “do you have a Cool Box / Container?”
  2. 5. Please make sure your pin is accurately positioned and your instructions are clear. It’s also really helpful if we have a clear picture of your front door with the cool box / container. Our milkies love eating their carrots, but sometimes their night vision goggles need a bit of a helping hand!
Updating delivery instructions step 3

Let’s pray for sun and prepare for the hot weather! 

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